How to #UUtheVote Without Leaving the House

  1. Visit Vote Forward to send letters to unlikely or unregistered voters.
  2. Go to Reclaim Our Vote to make calls to voters who were purged from the rolls.
  3. Consider small group meetings instead of large gathering or gather online using zoom, google hangout, or slack.
  4. Set a date for your congregation to watch Suppressed: The Fight to Vote by Brave New Films or the movie Rigged: The Voter Suppression Playbook (available on some streaming services, including Amazon Prime) from each individuals home then hold a group conference call to debrief together.
  5. Call your legislator to advocate for paid sick leave and relief for affected workers—not a bail out for the fossil fuel industry. Call (202) 224-3121 to be connected. 
  6. Spend the time to brainstorm who in your life to engage in values conversations with. Start making those calls and texts. See page 27 in our launch guide.
  7. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper with your opinion of how the pandemic is being handled and what you would like to see our elected leaders do.

Justice Ministry Update

#UU the Vote is catching on! We have 50 commitments to act beyond voting to #UU the Vote. Our goal is at least 100 commitments. All of the issues we care about are affected by who our elected officials are. Check out the #UU the Vote bulletin board in Sandburg Hall if you haven’t filled out a commitment slip and for ways to get involved. You can also fill out a commitment slip online at Resources are updated weekly by  Melissa Murphy at Thank you, Melissa!  And, don’t forget to put a heart on your commitment slip once you have completed your activity. That is a way of holding ourselves accountable as we put our faith in action: #VoteLove, #Defeathate. Our involvement in getting out the vote and articulating our values can make a difference!

The Justice Ministry Council invites you to consider participating in getting “Souls to the Polls” on Sunday, February 23. Why? Because NC could lose Sunday voting in any given year. It was reduced to one Sunday from two this year. To keep it for those who can only vote on Sundays, we can help show that it is needed. Faith communities like ours can organize group voting on the Sunday of early voting to keep the numbers up, demonstrating to our government leaders that Sunday voting is used. Polls are open from 10AM-6PM that day. I intend to vote the 23rd. I hope you join me if you can. Of course, that means I am doing all I can to familiarize myself with the candidates so I can be ready! Wish me luck. Questions? Comments? Contact me at

Justice Ministry Update

We are joining #UUtheVote! A National Unitarian Universalist Association Program 

On Sunday, January 19 at both services, we’ll learn how UUCA can participate in #UUtheVote initiative to get out the vote, remove voting barriers and become informed about candidates and issues. All the issues we deeply care about are at stake in the 2020 election.  #UU the Vote is gonna be big! It’s gonna be cool! It’s gonna need ALL of UUs!

Martin Luther King, Jr. Prayer Breakfast
Saturday, January 18 (offsite); doors open 7:30 AM; seating requested by 8:20. Tickets $25. Join UUs and the greater community for a very special morning at this annual event at the Crowne Plaza Resort. The keynote speaker will be Dr. Joy DeGruy, author of Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America’s Legacy of Enduring Injury & Healing. Buy tickets at the Justice ministry table on Sunday mornings at UUCA.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Rally and March, Monday, January 20, 11:30 AM at the (formerly named) Berry Temple United Methodist Church, 34 College Place. We’re gonna show up! It is a Yellow-Shirt Brigade event: wear your Side with Love t-shirt. Don’t have one? They will be on sale at UUCA in early January. Stay tuned…

This is a Yellow-Shirt Brigade Event