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The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Asheville

Worship Services

We send a link to the week’s recorded
service every Sunday at 9am.

Office Hours

Monday – Tuesday 9:30am – 2:30pm
Also by appointment

(828) 254-6001

Whoever you are,
Wherever you come from,
Whomever you love,
You are welcome in our faith community.

Featured Events

The Latest Happenings


That Old Lizard

You’ve probably heard it said – maybe said it yourself – when some spell of anger comes across you or someone you love: “Oh, it’s just the lizard part of my (or her) brain acting up.” Most of us...

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Family Ministry

Welcome to the month of Commitment

What are your commitments? Last month, we explored Beloved Community together. Beloved Community and commitment are intertwined in many ways. This month, we’ll explore how we use commitments to ourselves, our values, and others to uphold the Beloved Community. Check out the activities below for inspiration for yourself and your family.

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The Wednesday Thing

Faith Development

What are our commitments?

Welcome to the month of commitment!Our Soul Matters packet this month invites us to consider that commitment includes three Latin word roots: com – togethermit – to sendment – a result.  Awareness...

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The Scoop

Black History Trivia Night Results

As reported by game host Brett Johnson. On Saturday, we celebrated Black History Month by competing in a Zoom-based trivia contest of topics ranging from Bayard Rustin to Fanny Lou Hamer, Little...

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Justice Ministry

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