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UUCA has an energetic and passionate Lifespan Religious Education program for children and youth!
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Justice Ministry Movie Night

Friday, December 13, 7PM. A HARD STRAIGHT tells the story of what it is really like for a person to make the radical transition from prison life to society. The film interweaves the stories of two men and one woman as they begin to construct new lives on...
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Leadership Development Workshop Gets a Good Review

Karen Dill tells us about November 9th's workshop on leadership styles presented by UUCA's Leadership Development Committee.
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Sunday, December 15, 2019  9:15 & 11:15am
Rev. Claudia Jimenez, Minister of Faith Development

Reverence is a Choice
If awe comes upon us unexpectedly as we sense something that dwarfs the self and reverence is that felling of deep respect that can be triggered by awe, do we then act reverently? Do our actions always match our reverence? Should they?



Rev. Mark Ward

Rev. Mark Ward
Lead Minister

Rev. Ward offers spiritual leadership and a pastoral presence for the congregation and is chiefly responsible for its worship life. He also acts as chief of staff and oversees management of the congregation’s ministries. He was called as Lead Minister of UUCA in 2004.

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Rev. Claudia Jimenez
Minister of Faith Development

Rev. Jimenez oversees the congregation’s pastoral and faith development ministries, working with the Lead Minister to provide a pastoral presence for the congregation.  She leads the faith development activities of our congregation, including educational activities for all age groups and small group ministries.  She also leads worship monthly. Rev. Jimenez was hired as Minister of Faith Development of UUCA in 2018.

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Opening to Awe (audio only)

Sunday, December 8, 9:15am & 11:15am
Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister
It is by some accounts where religion begins, a moment where we are filled with wonder, where we make connections that carry us beyond ourselves and our heart throbs with joy. How do we help ourselves open to awe?Click on title to continue.