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We know that searching for a spiritual community during this time of uncertainty can be confusing and difficult.

We also know that having a spiritual community during difficult times can alleviate the stress of uncertainty by offering connection and support. 

We hope that the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Asheville (UU Asheville) will be your spiritual home during this time and in the future when we can return to worship in our physical space.

Our core values define us as a congregation and direct us in what we do.

These values of Connection, Inspiration, Compassion, and Justice express who we are and guide the work we do both within our walls and in the greater community. Our members are committed to uplifting the UU values in the work they do for social and environmental justice, spiritual deepening, and congregational care.  Whether you are searching for meaning, mending a broken heart, or simply needing some friends who share your values, UU Asheville is here for you: connecting, caring, and healing.

Even, or maybe especially, during these unusual times, we have found that in community we have the power and the strength to create positive change in the world.  There are opportunities for:

1) worshiping,
2) joining small groups to learn more about this religion, explore life issues, and deepen our spiritual selves,
3) experiencing community through educational programs and service opportunities,
4) taking our faith and values out to the world in whatever ways we can to seek justice in this unjust world.

To become a member of UU Asheville, you do not need to recite a creed or follow a church doctrine. We welcome all people, whoever you are, wherever you come from, whomever you love.  To find out more information about membership, spiritual deepening, social groups, and justice ministry available at UU Asheville during the pandemic, please fill out the Visitor Connection Form and you will be contacted by our Connections Coordinator, Venny Zachritz.

We hope that you find peace and calm during these difficult times.

Path to Membership

The path to membership begins by attending a Newcomer Gathering. Those who attend will be given basic information about UU Asheville, learn more about our Path to Membership program, and meet a few other newcomers and current members. These sessions are held monthly after service. Watch the Sunday worship service link email for upcoming sessions.

We have found that our newcomers thrive if they manage to make personal connections with other members. The Path to Membership therefore offers suggestions on how you can become connected within the congregation before becoming an active member. We ask that you become acquainted with our UU message by attending Sunday services or Wednesday evening vespers; participate in Newcomer Potlucks (if located in the Asheville area); and join one of our many social or spiritual groups.

Once you have completed these steps and have decided to join our community you will be invited to complete our online Membership Course. The UU Asheville Membership Course will provide you specific information regarding our congregation; its history, how we operate, opportunities for faith development, and how you can get the most from of your membership. To sign up to receive the link for the online Membership Course, contact our Connections Coordinator, Venny Zachritz.

What is a Member?

According to our bylaws (Article IV, Section 2), a Member is a person who:
a. is in sympathy with the purpose and mission of the Congregation,
b. has completed the UU Asheville Coming of Age program or reached the age of 16,
c. has completed a course of study approved by the Board of Trustees or has discussed the matter with the Minister or person designated by the Minister,
d. has signed the Membership Book, and
e. completes an annual commitment form and makes an annual recorded contribution.

According to our members, a Member is a person who:
a. shares the values of Unitarian Universalists
b. is supported in their journey by the members and ministries of the congregation
c. actively engages in their own spiritual development
d. supports the congregation as generously as they can with their time, talent AND money
e. seeks to live their values in the world


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