Vespers 6:30 PM: What does it mean to be a people of story & 7:00 PM Anti-Racism Conversations at UUCA

Join Vespers leader Kelly Wedell exploring this month’s theme: Story. 

The 7PM program Anti Racism Conversations facilitated by Ed Prestemon will create space to discuss the Racial Justice Advisory Council’s invitation to review the glossary and participate in the Racial Justice Assessment tool survey. This is important work that we will do together. Join us!

May – Theme: Story

Vespers Leader: James Cassara
Program: Theme Talk – Being Shaped and Created by Stories; Facilitator: Rev. Claudia

Vespers Leader: Kelly Wedell
Program: Anti-Racism Conversation; Facilitator: Ed Prestamon

Vespers Leader: Rev. Claudia
Program: Spiritual practices – Prayer, Rev. Claudia

Vespers Leader: John Bloomer
Program: Mujerista Theology; Facilitator: Rev. Claudia

Time to Review Next Year’s Budget Prior to the June 6 Annual Meeting

Although plans are not fully finalized for this year’s UUCA Annual Meeting, we know for sure it will be happening in one form or another.  No matter how the vote occurs, all UUCA Members (in good standing having made their 2020-21 commitments and paid some or all of it) will be asked to vote on next year’s budget.

To give folks time to fully review the budget, I’ve produced a slide presentation that you can view from the comfort of your own home.  The slide deck covers the details that are included in next year’s budget and presents important information about our Capital Budget.

Speaking of which, a special shout out goes to John Bates who led a team to create UUCA’s first Capital Budget.  The entire report, UUCA Capital Facilities Assessment, can be viewed here.

Here’s a brief summary of the proposed operating budget for July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022:

  • We expect Commitment Income of $670,000, same as last year.
  • Total income is projected to be $813,800.
  • Total expenses will be 1.1% higher than total income, at $823,250. The difference will be covered by our splendidly full Contingency Fund.

There’s a lot more detail in the slide presentation so head over there for the full story.

Here’s a table that shows the projected final numbers for the current fiscal year and the proposed budget for next year.

Budget Projection 2104



Healthy Clippings

As you mow, leave your grass clippings on the grass.  The clippings which are 80% water  and contain nitrogen help to water and fertilize your lawn.

Join the March in Defense of Trans Youth, Sunday, May 2, Pack Amphitheater

SHOW UP to voice your opposition to these three proposed NC bills:

  • HB 358 banning trans youth from participating in sports teams and athletics,
  • SB 514 prohibiting transgender young people from receiving trans-affirming care and penalizing medical professionals who provide transition-related care, requiring  teachers, administrators, and counselors to “out” transgender students to their parents, and protecting “conversion therapy” (attempting to change someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity).
  • SB 515 allowing any medical provider to refuse to do anything they object to on the basis of conscience.

Here’s the Sunday schedule:
1pm Gather at Pack Amphitheater
2pm March in Defense of Trans Youth
3pm Speeches – including one by a UUCA youth

Wear masks and your Side with Love (or older Standing on the Side of Love) t-shirts. Maintain social distancing.

Read up on the bills & other action steps you can take:

There’s a New Sculpture on Campus

Photograph of Gail Hyde next to her scupture.A sculpture for the Memorial Garden was designed and donated by UUCA member and metal artist Gail Hyde. Gail uses found metal and repurposes these items into art. The sculpture is called Perennial and was installed on April 27. Come by and check it out!