Monthly Archives: July 2015

Sermon: Follow Your Desire Lines (audio)

Rev. Julianne Lepp, Guest Minister
This sermon explores how we can break away from well-worn patterns that no longer serve us. What does it mean to trust yourself to follow the road less traveled? In Patti Digh’s Life Is A Verb: 37 Days To Wake Up, Be Mindful, And Live Intentionally, she writes, “Natural human purpose. What is mine? Yours? Maybe if I look at the paths I’ve worn, over and over again, I’ll see that purpose show itself, the way cornfields create patterns I see only when I’m flying over them.” Click on the title to listen.

Sermon: Going Through the Motions (audio)

Monika Gross, Guest Speaker
Religions throughout time have included gesture and movement as important parts of liturgy. Can motion embody meaning for us as religious humanists, separate from specific religious dogma? What is the quality invoked by pressing my palms together, by lowering my head, by opening my palms upward and outward? While choosing to look beyond the supernatural as a basis for worship, can we retain physical forms of spirituality? Can we honor the profound human need for embodied intention and emotional expression that inspired the creation of archetypical gestures of joy, devotion, request, compassion, awe, humility, thankfulness and consolation? Click on the title to listen.

The Scoop: Joy Berry Hits the Big-Time!

There are more than a dozen blogs on the UUA website, all designed to provide  information and resources to member congregations and help Unitarian Universalists connect with their faith online. One of these is the Call and Response blog of the UUA’s Faith Development Office. The June 25 post to that blog is written by our
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Sermon: Baggage Claim

Elizabeth Schell, Guest Speaker
Some people do a lot of travelling in the summer…my son’s going to 3 different camps. Luckily, I love to pack. When we were kids, my grandmother instructed my sister and I in how to best pack for a trip—not so much what to bring, but how to fold or roll or generally fit whatever you wanted to take into whatever vessel you had to squeeze it in. I am known in my family for being the Master Packer—the one who can fit … it …. in! So I brought my baggage with me this morning. Click on the title to read more.