What’s Going to Happen Next at UUCA and How You Can Help Determine That

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Now that things have somewhat normalized to the current “normal,” we’ve been able to take a minute to think further than one week ahead. We now know that North Carolina has a three-phase plan to re-open and that the timer for Phase 1 won’t even start until illnesses, positive lab tests, and hospitalizations are all decreasing across the state. As always, we don’t really have any idea when this might happen, but let’s say Phase 1 starts on May 15.  At Phase 2, gatherings at “reduced capacity” will be allowed. Assume Phase 2 can start three weeks after Phase 1.  That would be June 5.

Now I don’t know about you (although I think I can guess), but just because you CAN go out doesn’t mean you will.  And you sure won’t go into a space where a good-sized group is gathering.  So, with that in mind, the Executive (Lead Minister) and senior staff members have chosen to keep UUCA closed until September 13, our first two-service Sunday (or, more accurately, the day we traditionally resumed two services).  This is not to say that we will definitely open then, but that September 13 is the first possible moment we will consider doing so.  Even then, procedures for gatherings will be VERY different.  But that’s a discussion for a different day.

In the meantime, here’s how you can help. When there is no way for staff members to “ask around” and “chat up” folks to get feedback, we suffer from a lack of information about our congregants. I normally don’t think surveys are all that helpful, but right now, in abnormal times, maybe a survey is just the thing. We do need to know how the UUCA staff (and volunteers) can best serve our religious community.

So please take 2 minutes to complete this eight-question survey (and one question just asks for your name so you can see it’s not going to be time-consuming).

And as a thank you, here’s a lovely quote from David Brubaker, a well-known church consultant:

Perhaps the greatest takeaway from our current virtual reality is that we were never meant primarily to attend a congregation, but to be a congregation. In this crisis time, we can explore more deeply what it means to be a congregation. After all, what is a “congregation” but a group of human beings who “congregate” periodically, to connect with and encourage one another—and then to scatter once again…to love and to serve. 

Linda Topp, Director of Administration

Hold Your Horsepower

Hold your horsepower and cutback on your carbon footprint.  When starting-up in your car from a stop, accelerate slowly. Quick starts burn-up gas.

One Member’s Stay-Safe Pastimes

Here’s a little report from Linda Kooiker.  Send yours to Linda Topp!

I am standing in front of my home with some pansies.
Just added some more containers and plants yesterday.
The photo below shows the car loaded with the 3rd delivery of food and supplies that was delivered last week to a low-income apartment complex next to Hawthorne.Village.  We will do our 4th delivery this week. I instigated this Hawthorne community effort in late March. It has brought my neighbors into a community effort and has helped other neighbors.  Some residents of Hawthorne involved in this effort do not attend social events or board meetings.  It is amazing to see the good will this effort is generating.
I have been making masks and asking for a donation that then goes to buying food and supplies for our efforts with Spruce Hill Apartments.  I have also been enjoying our marvelous flowering trees.

UU the Vote During COVID-19: A UUA Update on Tuesday, May 12, 7pm

The Justice Council invites you to stay connected with the #UUthe Vote initiative. Register for How We Thrive! and join other UUs in staying engaged in justice-seeking.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020 7:00 PM –  9:00 PM ET

What does it mean to practice our principles during a pandemic? What are we doing to guarantee free and fair elections in states targeted by voter suppression?

How is UU the Vote rising to the challenges of COVID-19, while creating a movement towards UU values in the 2020 elections?


Join us LIVE for a special update from UU the Vote. This event will feature musicians from across the country, a message from UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray, and opportunities for you to get involved and make meaningful impacts in 2020!