Monthly Archives: November 2015

Sermon: Tales from the Borderlands

Rev. Sally Beth Shore, Guest Minister
Sally Beth recently led a UU College of Social Justice delegation that included UUCA members Tom Blanford and Cindy Threlkeld to the US-Mexican border in Arizona to witness how US Immigration policy plays out there. Today they share some of what they encountered there, as well as a glimpse of the situation concerning illegal immigrants in our own back yard. Can we make a difference for those facing the struggle to survive as they flee poverty, terror, and war? Click on the sermon title to listen…

Sermon: A Useable Jesus (part 1)

Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister
The teachings of Jesus are an important part of our heritage as Unitarians and Universalists, but are they relevant to our religious explorations today? In a month when we are working with the theme of Ancestry, we’ll consider possible answers to that question. Click on the title to listen…