Monthly Archives: February 2018

Sermon: Stories of Us-Plus One (audio only)

Rev. Mary Katherine Morn
Stories of Us-Plus One
This Sunday was Celebration Sunday.
Rev. Mary Katherine Morn has served for four years as the Director of Stewardship and Development and Special Advisor to the President at the UUA. Before her work at the UUA, Mary Katherine served for 27 years in congregational ministry, in Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia. Mary Katherine considers fundraising just another way to do ministry—inviting and inspiring the best we each have to give back to the world. Mary Katherine is married to John Rakestraw and they have a young adult son. click on title to continue.

Sermon: Persevering With a Practice of Equipoise (audio only)

Rev. Nan White, Guest Minister
Persevering With a Practice of Equipoise
The world in which we live is asking us to persevere in a practice that demands the ability to move gracefully through our diverse identities, rather than just raging against a chosen singular identity. Let’s discover together how such a practice becomes a spiritual practice for UU’s and how it might influence our giving.

Sermon: Weighing Worth: The Spirituality of Money (audio & text )

Weighing Worth: The Spirituality of Money
Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister
No matter who we are, no matter how much of it we have, money shapes our lives. Is it the root of all evil or a tool for good? That can depend on how we see it and the role it plays in our lives. Today we’ll wrestle with how our relationship to money shapes our spiritual lives.Click on title to continue.