Monthly Archives: November 2016

Sermon: To Be Thankful (audio only)

Mark Ward, Lead Minister
We think we know the Thanksgiving story, but there are actually many stories woven into this popular holiday that emerge out of the history and heritage that we each bring to it. We’ll explore how these stories interlink and invite us all into a new understanding. Click on the title to continue.

Sermon: The Mightiest Word

Rev. Mark Ward
As we look ahead to the coming Election Day, our topic today builds on a line from the poem that Elizabeth Stevens wrote for Barak Obama’s inaugural seven years ago. Speaking to our General Assembly in June, interviewer Krista Tippet seized on that line as pointing to a central question that our nation faces. What could that word be and what story does it call us to? Click on the sermon title to listen or read more.

Sermon: Ghost Wings-Day of the Dead (audio only)

Joy Berry, Director of Lifespan Religious Education and Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister
A beautiful story of a girl and her grandmother forms the center of our annual intergenerational Day of the Dead service. Please plan to bring pictures or memorabilia to place on our altar to celebrate our honored dead.Click on sermon title to continue.