2024 Annual Meeting

2024 Annual Meeting

The 2024 Annual Meeting of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Asheville to be held June 2nd, 2024 in the Sanctuary at 11:30 am. 

The meeting will be held following the coffee hour after the 10:00 service on June 2nd.  Only the following items require a vote of the membership:

  • Approve the minutes of the 2023 Annual Meeting
  • Approve the Operating Budget for 2024-2025
  • Elect officers to the Board of Trustees and the Leadership Development Committee

All voting members* are encouraged to either attend in person or vote by absentee/proxy ballot. Absentee ballots are due no later than noon, Friday, May 31st.  

Materials relevant to the items above may be found here:

*As per the UUCA by-laws a voting member is a person who:

  • Is in sympathy with the purpose and mission of the congregation and abides by its covenant,
  • Has completed the UUCA Coming of Age program or reached the age of 16,
  • Has signed the Membership Book and is a member in good standing.
Summer Schedule: One Service

Summer Schedule: One Service

We return to one service on Sunday, May 26th. 

Summer Services are held at 10am in-person & online, with coffee social following the service. Find more on how you can join services here.

June Justice Film- Regenerating Life

June Justice Film- Regenerating Life

REGENERATING LIFE takes an ecological approach to unraveling the climate crisis. It offers a deeper look at the underlying causes of global warming, going beyond carbon emissions from the burning of fossil fuels to humankind’s relentless destruction of nature in all corners of Earth, because ultimately it is nature – the vast biodiversity that exists on our planet – that regulates and balances Earth’s climate.

The film explores how life regulates the climate through photosynthesis and the carbon cycle; the water cycle; the dung cycle; and a vast interconnected soil network of fungi, microorganisms, and plant roots. It explains into the economic and political systems that have encouraged this destruction of Earth through the relentless quest for wealth and dominion.

The film convincingly maintains that we can reverse this destructive process by regenerating life across the planet. By working with nature, people are restoring forests, fields, wetlands, and oceans. They are regenerating soils to grow healthy food and build healthy communities, pointing the way to long-term solutions to the climate crisis.

Note: This film will be shown in person in Sandburg Hall and on Zoom. If you wish to view the film on Zoom, request a link from Charlie Wussow at mnpopi@icloud.com. If you intend to view the film in person, please RSVP YES for planning purposes.

Due to technical limitations, there will be separate in person and Zoom discussions.

Trailer |Runtime 137 min

Justice Ministry Film Night Friday, June 14th, 7 PM

Let’s Go All In for the Kids

Let’s Go All In for the Kids

As we come to the end of the 2023-24 Religious Exploration year, I’ve had time for a few moments of reflection between planning for the summer and for next year. When I think about the good work we do here, it always makes me think of some of the words that guide me: “Faith development is all we do, and the Congregation is the curriculum”.

These words are paraphrased from the brilliant Connie Goodbread and whenever I wonder if we are making a difference, I remember them. I think about all the ways that it shows up, like the time this year that one of our younger kiddos had the choice between painting a rock or spreading mulch for a planned garden on our campus, and he chose mulch even though he is passionate about art. He chose mulch because no one else had chosen it yet and we didn’t have enough rocks for everyone to paint one. His parents were a little surprised when I mentioned it to them at pick up time, but I wasn’t. We have talked a lot this year about what it means for us to go all in on this congregation, and for this kiddo, it was the obvious choice. If you are wondering about the impact this congregation has in the lives of our children and youth, I encourage you to watch the recordings of the 2 credo services offered by our Coming of Age youth earlier this month. Get some tissues ready, you will need them! You can find them here.

There are so many ways to go all in, but the most important way that we can do it for our children and youth is to show up. Show up on Sunday mornings and collaborate with us in RE. Show up and buy some soup or attend The Big Event for the Coming of Age kids. Show up to the YRUU service, Coming of Age service, and the Faith Development service and hear what our kids have to say and receive the beautiful gifts that they share with us. Show up to help out in child care, or to serve as a chaperone for youth cons and trips. Show up to help new families get oriented on Sunday mornings. Show up with food and the willingness to do some dishes. Show up for a couple of Sundays in the summer to share your favorite banned children’s book, or to just share an extra set of hands. Our children and youth need you in their lives!

Please definitely show up this Sunday at 11:15 am, because not only is it the Faith Development service, but it will also be a Sundae Sunday! Join us after Worship in Sandburg Hall for some ice cream and fellowship!

Want to get involved? Click here!

Kim Collins, Lifespan Religious Educator