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Sermon: Breaking, Broken, Healing, Whole (audio only)

Rev. Erika Hewitt, Guest Speaker
What does Unitarian Universalism say about brokenness (pain, suffering, injustice) and wholeness (reconciliation, peace, health)? If you examine different religious traditions, you’ll be surprised by what you find… and you’ll discover reasons to be proud, comforted, and enlivened by our UU theology — especially as it relates to justice.
Rev. Erika Hewitt divides her ministry between a small parish on the coast of Maine, a large number of weddings, and the UUA’s WorshipWeb, which Erika oversees. click on title to continue.

Sermon: The Vulnerable Community (audio only)

Rev. Jake Morrill
The Vulnerable Community
For over a century, the transcending vision of the liberal faith has often been put in terms of ‘The Beloved Community,’ a condition of justice and inclusion popularized by Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. It is described in bright, aspirational terms, as the alleviation of suffering. Can we imagine a vision that doesn’t erase what has formed us, but transforms it? Can we imagine a day of acceptance, just as we are? On this Sunday, using the text from when Jesus encounters a woman at the well, let’s reflect on the vision of the vulnerable community, forged in radical trust.
Rev. Jake Morrill has served as Minister of the Oak Ridge UU Church, in East Tennessee, since 2003. He is also the Executive Director of the UU Christian Fellowship. Jake was formerly a Chaplain in the US Army Reserve and served on the UUA Board. He looks forward to preaching again at UUCA! Click on the title to continue.

Service: In Shelter of Each Other (audio only)

In Shelter of Each Other,
Reggie Harris, Guest Speaker
Reggie will use songs and stories to address the issues of connection, division and possibility in our American story using a frame of discovering his family roots from slavery. His presentation will unfold those connections of ‘shared family revealed’ and use songs that touch on racial division and healing.
Reggie Harris is an accomplished singer, songwriter and storyteller who has appeared in many Asheville area venues, including the Swannanoa Gathering. Click on title to continue.

Sermon: Self Evident Truths (audio and text)

Sunday, July 2, 10am
Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister
Before we head off to our picnics and fireworks displays let’s take some time to reflect on how the words of the Declaration of Independence still challenge us to help bring about peace and justice for all. Click on title to continue.

Service: Self-Evident Truths

Sunday, June 25, 2017 10am Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister Readings:  US Declaration of Independence and “Let America Be America Again,” by Langston Hughes For about a decade, Danielle Allen paid her dues as a young history scholar putting undergraduates through their paces at the University of Chicago. Many of them were among the nation’s
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