Did you know?  Religious Education at UUCA is still a thing! We already have 53 kids/youth registered for the 2020-21 year. We are excited to offer religious education and family ministry in a different way this year. Due to the pandemic that must not be named (for you Harry Potter fans), we have made an effort to simplify our programs but still have fun connecting points with the faith development you want from your UU congregation! These relationships and the spiritual support are still accessible to you.

Why would I want this?  I’m so busy and more screen time is not what my kids need.  Remember this cheer: “We’ve got spirit, yes we do, we’ve got spirit, how about you?”  Do a body check. How are you feeling? How about your kids? Your UUCA congregation is here to support your family’s spirit right now. Read more reasons to stay connected to UUCA this year at the bottom of this blog.

What will RE look like this year?

Religious education for children and youth has been divided into 4 groups:

  • PreK-3rd grade
  • 4th-6th grade
  • 7th-9th grade
  • 10th-12th grade

Groups will typically meet 2 Sundays/month via Zoom: PreK-3rd & 10th-12th grades will meet on the first and third Sundays of the month and 4th-6th & 7th-9th grades will meet on the second and fourth Sundays of the month.

Note: Due to the nature of these unique programs, Coming of Age and OWL (Our Whole Lives) will not be offered until we are regularly meeting in person again.  Look for a parent OWL group later in the year!  We hope to offer both CoA and OWL later for those youth who normally would’ve taken them this year.  Contact Kim or Jen if you’d like some personal support or resources.

Will this be like the typical (curricula based) RE classes that we normally have?

There will be spiritual elements to our virtual gatherings to help foster UU faith development and personal growth.  There will also be an intentional focus on FUN, social and supportive connections, compassion, inspiration and justice – our UUCA core values.


In addition to classic (mostly virtual) RE, we will have other opportunities as well, some online and possibly some occasional small, safer in person gatherings for youth or adults:

  • Family Fun Nights for fellowship and fun
  • “UU in a box” for at home fun and faith development
  • Socially distant youth group “masked meet-ups”
  • Parent/caregiver groups and adult UU and social justice offerings
  • Time for All Ages during worship, family led Vespers, and multigenerational services

What if my kids don’t plan to participate Sunday mornings very often?

Even though this year will look different, we encourage your family to stay involved for some needed spiritual grounding and social connection.  We would love to see you whenever you can make it.

Do I need to register?

YES!  This is how we know you still want to stay connected to UUCA this year and beyond.  We use our registration list to communicate about both current and future offerings, including OWL and Coming of Age (once we can offer those programs again), youth group, parent groups, and home deliveries (a special feature we have planned this year).

Please register here, and we’ll see you in September (or before)!

  • September 13 – RE launch date for 4th-9th grade groups
  • September 20 – RE launch date for PreK-3rd and YRUU: 10th-12th grades

Why does this matter again? 

  • Relationships! We’re bonding peers and multigenerational connections in a supportive UU community.
  • Our core values: Connection, Inspiration, Compassion, Justice are still our core values. Our mission:…
  • We still have UU values to learn, to embrace, to live.
  • We need to harness this moment to gather, to learn, to strive to be bolder, to act, individually and collectively, for justice in our city, county and our world. Social justice will be an integral part of our programming this year.
  • People still need our love – within our own UUCA community and reaching far beyond our walls. Kids and youth need to both receive and give love and support.
  • Nurturing the spirits of our kids, teens, and their parents.
  • Playful and calming spiritual engagement with ritual elements.
  • A sacred place your kids can call home now and throughout their whole lives.

A recent blog from UUA’s Southern Region (that includes us) August newsletter, by Natalie Briscoe, spells out some of the stressors parents are experiencing.  She notes that church can be a positive “release valve” for families during this particularly difficult time.  Read her blog here.