Calvin and Hobbes was one of the great comic strips of the late 80s and early 90s. A recurring theme was Calvin imagining gravity had been turned off or altered, with consequences just for him. I’ve been feeling that way the past month or so as a medical emergency involving my wife, Mara Sprain, evolved. Mara had been feeling constantly tired and unable to focus since early March. Several trips to the doctor and blood work did not reveal a cause. Then, by later in April, her physical condition rapidly degenerated and we ended up in the emergency room at Mission Hospital.

An MRI revealed a tumor, on the brain, called a meningioma and typically non-malignant. It had grown large and was pressing on the brain. Suddenly gravity no longer seemed to apply and our world changed. Mara was stabilized in the hospital and two surgeries took place; first to cut off the blood flow to the tumor and then a second to remove it. All went well; as well as 11 hours of brain surgery can go. Visits from our friends and the Pastoral Visitors has meant a lot. Don’t hesitate to call on our wonderful Pastoral Visitors to help out.

Mara’s recovery continues. However, recovery from a tumor that was in place for quite a while will take some time. I’ve had to step away from being President so I can focus 100% on Mara and dealing with all the other stuff that just started floating around when gravity got turned off. Thanks to my fellow Board members and others in the Congregation for stepping up to help in our time of need. We miss you all and will be back soon.

PS  I’ve been posting updates on Facebook. To find it, search “mara’s meningi get well” on Facebook.  You don’t need to have a Facebook account to see it.