Faith Development

Faith Development at UUCA

One of the key tenets of Unitarian Universalism is that all of us are responsible for our own spiritual development. Our congregation’s mission statement includes the phrase, “we nurture individual search for meaning.” As a direct response to that mission, we provide faith development opportunities for members of our congregation of all ages.
Our work is grounded and guided by our Seven Principles and Six Sources.
We believe faith development is a lifelong process that is nurtured in community.
We support all ages in that process by:

  • Developing Unitarian Universalist identity
  • Offering opportunities for spiritual growth and religious education
  • Creating congregational experiences that include and value all ages
  • Equipping families to continue faith development at home and in family life
  • Encouraging all to practice UU faith values in daily life and in the wider world

Children and Youth



The Wednesday Thing

UUCA Groups

In addition to the 4 main areas of Faith Development, some UUCA Groups gather for spiritual deepening. Visit the UUCA Groups page for more information.

Faith Development Blog

Find out what's happening in RE and other areas of Faith Development

Welcome to the month of Beloved Community

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Welcome to the Month of Imagination

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December: The Month of Stillness

Welcome to the month of Stillness. Here's a poem from this month’s Soul Matters packet being used by our covenant groups. Check out this month’s calendar and join us for Vespers or one of the other programs offered this month. Keeping QuietPablo Neruda Now we will...

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Questions? Contact our Faith Development Team

Rev. Claudia Jiménez

Rev. Claudia Jiménez

Minister of Faith Development

(828) 254-6001, ext. 202

Kim Collins

Kim Collins

Lifespan Religious Education Coordinator

(828) 254-6001, ext. 210

Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson

Religious Education Coordinator

(828) 254-6001, ext. 205

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