UU the Vote

Saturday, March 28, 10am-2pm.  Join us for “Get Out The Vote.” We will gather at the YWCA for a 30-minute training from Savannah Gibson, our Racial Justice Advocate, then go out in teams to canvass door-to-door to REGISTER VOTERS.” FMI, contact Savannah Gibson.

Ongoing – MANNA is partnering with Democracy NC  to do voter registration/outreach at their food pantries. Volunteers needed who can commit to regularly going weekly/bi-monthly to a food pantry to build relationships.  One site in particular has a need for volunteers who speak Spanish, Russian, and/or Ukrainian. Days/times needed: Downtown Welcome Table (Wed 10am-1pm); Bethel SDA (9am-12pm); Downtown Transit Ctr; Hopey; V.A. Hosp (Thurs at 10 am). Interested folks contact Edward Peters: edwardpeters@democracy-nc.org

More information about these at the Justice Ministry table or at  bit.ly/UUtheVote

If you’re looking for an educational opportunity, don’t miss this powerful opportunity to learn about the voting rights struggle of the 1960s directly from the people who lived it.  On March 16-20, 2020 join the UU Living Legacy Pilgrimage from Memphis to Selma.  This five-day pilgrimage, designed for people ages twelve (12) and over, focuses on exploring sacred American Civil Rights Movement sites in Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee through a multigenerational lens.

Auction Results Are In! Best Auction Ever!

Auction Gala 2019

Yes indeedy!  The Auction Committee ROCKS!  And so do you!

The Committee did a fabulous job of keeping expenses low (this fancy new venue at AB Tech actually cost less than our previous venue) and you did a great job of donating services and “things to do” that people wanted to buy.  That terrific combination resulted in a record-shattering net income of about $36,000, $5,000 above last year’s record-breaker. 

Extreme thanks go to chair Tory Schmitz, her inner circle of Ann McLellan, Margaret McAlister, Sally Witkamp, Jim Gamble, Judy Galloway, Deb Holden, and Judith Kaufman, special food experts Robin Loew and Karen Morris, and what seems like a cast of thousands that provided support in various ways from bartending to greeting, from soliciting business donations to contributing things we can sell, from buying balloons to setting up the room, from playing in the band to handling the A/V duties.  (Seriously, I can’t name everyone, and I already apologize if I missed someone I shouldn’t have!)

auctioneer 2019 Gala

LED Bulbs

LED bulbs are now the way to go for energy-efficient lighting. If you have any incandescent bulbs, go ahead and replace them now. If you have compact fluorescent bulbs, wait till they burn out to replace them. LED bulbs are super cheap (less than a dollar) at Habitat ReStore and close to that at certain other stores, including Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Walmart, Lowes and Goodwill. 

Help Wanted: Test Out Our New Website This Week

Ta-da! This new website has just gone “live.”  We’re sort of doing a soft opening so we can work out kinks before the big grand opening.  However, it IS the only website we have so anyone that looks us up for whatever reason from now on ends up here.

Here are a few things you can do to help out: Pretend you are a person using the internet to scout us out before attending.  Can you find out what you want to know? Tell us all about it!

How hard was it to find answers to these questions?  If it was hard, was it important to find it? Tell me anything that you think we should know about the site.  (This is not a test–I know the answers so no need to report them back.  The point is if you wanted to find the answer, could you?)

  • I am running an event that will be collecting money.  How do I do that?
  • I have a 5-year old.  What’s the Sunday School like?  What do we do when we get to UUCA for the first time?
  • Do you have a choir?  How do I audition?
  • Who can be interred in the Memorial Garden?  How can I make it happen?
  • I need to get on Realm.  
  • I am looking to rent a room for a meeting.  Do you rent rooms?
  • Are there any adult faith development classes coming up?
  • What does the ECC do?
  • What’s this month’s theme?
  • I want to make a donation.
  • I want to nominate a group for our Community Plate.  How do I do that?
  • I need to know who is on the RE Council.  Where do I look?
  • Who’s in the pulpit this week?
  • I missed last week’s sermon.  Can I find it online?
  • I want to re-read the description of the thing I bought at the Auction.  Can I do that?

Well, that’s enough for now.  Send me your results, comments, thoughts, etc.  Be kind, though, because we DID try hard to get things right.


Love Is a Rose: Celebrating the Music of Linda Ronstadt

This Acoustic Journeys concert starts at 7pm on Sunday, January 5. 

In this sensational act, Paula Hanke and Peggy Ratusz belt out song after song from Linda Ronstadt’s long career while adding personal stories and historical accounts of Ms. Ronstadt’s impressive achievements.

Tickets only available at the door. $20, cash preferred but checks accepted. Doors open at 6:30pm. Bring snacks to share at intermission if you would like to.

Call (828) 545-2260 for more information.