Auction Gala 2019

Yes indeedy!  The Auction Committee ROCKS!  And so do you!

The Committee did a fabulous job of keeping expenses low (this fancy new venue at AB Tech actually cost less than our previous venue) and you did a great job of donating services and “things to do” that people wanted to buy.  That terrific combination resulted in a record-shattering net income of about $36,000, $5,000 above last year’s record-breaker. 

Extreme thanks go to chair Tory Schmitz, her inner circle of Ann McLellan, Margaret McAlister, Sally Witkamp, Jim Gamble, Judy Galloway, Deb Holden, and Judith Kaufman, special food experts Robin Loew and Karen Morris, and what seems like a cast of thousands that provided support in various ways from bartending to greeting, from soliciting business donations to contributing things we can sell, from buying balloons to setting up the room, from playing in the band to handling the A/V duties.  (Seriously, I can’t name everyone, and I already apologize if I missed someone I shouldn’t have!)

auctioneer 2019 Gala