Vespers 6:30 PM: Cultivating Relationship with Bernise Lynch & Program 7:00 PM: Theology 101 with Rev. Claudia

Join Bernise Lynch for 6:30 Vespers exploring this month’s theme: cultivating relationship.  Learn how one Zulu word could change our world

At 7:00 PM join Rev. Claudia in the launch of our second year exploring theology. This first session will offer an introduction to theology and explore its role in our non-creedal faith. Is it true that “UUs don’t do theology?”

Wednesday Vespers & Program themes:

1st Wed.    Theme Talk or Special Program
Discussion about the monthly Soul Matters theme.

2nd Wed.    Liberation Conversations: Pursuing our Congregational Goals to practice Anti-racism. These conversations will provide updates on the work of the Racial Justice Advisory Council and an opportunity to ask questions and discuss why the work of liberation at UUAvl matters.

3rd Wed.    Spiritual Practices: Centering Love
Centering Love – Love is a core value of our UU faith. On the 3rd Wednesdays this fall at 7 p.m., we will center our spiritual practice of love-in-action with self, others, and the world. As Cornel West says, “Justice is what love looks like in public.”

4th Wed.    Theology
We will begin with an introduction to theology: What is it? Do UUs do Theology? Participants will select theological themes for future sessions. Examples: Hope, Death, Forgiveness and Reconciliation, Evil, Covenant. 

October Calendar:

Vespers Leader: Rev. Claudia 
Program: Theme Talk: Rev. Claudia

Vespers Leader: Anna Martin
Program: Liberation Conversations: Eleanor Lane, Jensen Gelfond 

Vespers Leader: Rev. Cathy
Program: Spiritual Practices: Nancy Bragg

Vespers Leader: Bernise Lynch
Program: Intro to Theology: Rev. Claudia

How Do the Upcoming Online Silent and LIVE Zoom Auctions Work?

auction announcementGlad you asked. I mean, just because you did it last year doesn’t mean you remember any of it. Here’s a rundown on what you need to know. If you’re still unclear, contact Ann McLellan, Tory Schmitz, or Margaret McAlister. (And thank them for the enormous time they’ve devoted to this project along with Deb Holden and Marta Reese.)

How will I get a catalog?
Hmmm, “get” is a funny word here. You can VIEW the catalog at using the code 28801. Look in the upper right corner for “Check Out the Catalog!” There are various sortings of the items and search is available. If you are desperate for a print version, here is a link to a version of the catalog as it was on October 20. For any updates, check (code 28801).

Hey, I want to bid on something in the Silent Auction. Now what?
First, wait until the auction actually opens at 8am on November 3. Then, head to (code 28801) and look in the upper right corner of the home page. (You can look now but can’t bid until November 3.) Select Sign In. On the page you land on, go to Request Account. (Even though you have signed in to view the catalog, you don’t have an account until you follow this step.) Fill out the form to request an account. Keep following directions as they come….. When you place your first bid you will be required to enter a credit card number. If you want your credit card on file early, or you don’t bid on anything in the silent auction but want to bid at the LIVE auction, call Ann McLellan at (828) 350-9005 and give her your card number over the phone. We don’t keep cards on file year to year. Silent Auction bidding opens on November 3 at 8am.

Is there anything else I need to know about bidding during the silent auction?
There are several features you can access to automate your bidding if you’d like. Also, when you signed up you indicated whether you want emails or texts when someone outbids you on an item. If you don’t like the settings you chose, just go back and change them (My Account/My Settings).

What happens if I win something?
At the LIVE Auction, you’ll know immediately. Once the Silent Auction closes on November 10 at 10pm you will be able to look at your account (My Account/Checkout) on to see exactly what you won. At that point you will be able to complete the purchase by charging to the credit card on file or by sending a check written to UUCA to Ann McLellan. Once we receive your payment, we’ll send you a certificate via email that either IS the won item (such as a gift certificate) or tells you how to claim it. If you’ve won a “thing,” you and the item donor will negotiate the exchange.

How will I get invited to the LIVE Zoom AUCTION?
If you get our emails, you’ll get an invitation. In order to get the Zoom link you will have to register through that invitation. That link is not shareable so don’t forward it.

Are there still food and drink options even if we’re Zooming?
Absolutely! The Coming-of-Age crowd is making this a Soup-er Event! Every Soup-er Event has its own sign-up link so watch for the Auction offer fairly close to November 6. They’ll have a drive-thru pickup set up at UU Asheville on November 6.

“And drinks?” you ask. Any time from now through LIVE Zoom Auction Day (November 6), you can visit Metro Wines on Charlotte Street to purchase special “UU Asheville Auction Wines” selected and discounted just for us! They have selected three wines that will definitely remind you of our Enchanted Garden theme. If you do buy something from Metro Wines, you can now enter the store or call (828) 575-9525 from your car for pickup (it’s better to order ahead but you can order from the parking lot if you need to).

Will the LIVE Zoom Auction be family-friendly?
We’re sure trying for that. Some of the entertainments sprinkled throughout will definitely be kid-friendly, but as we’ve all learned, full kid-attention on Zoom is not a thing. It’s barely a thing with adults. That’s why we’re trying to keep the whole thing as short as possible while still accomplishing our mission. (As I recall, we ran closer to 90 minutes last year. Just sayin’.)

Have any other questions?
Contact Ann McLellan/; Tory Schmitz/; or Margaret McAlister/

Linda Topp, Director of Administration