Wednesday Thing Vespers Live at 6:30pm

Live Wednesday Thing Vespers this Week
Join Rev. Claudia and MaryAnn Sommervill for a midweek time of reflection and connection during a live Wednesday Thing Zoom Vespers at 6:30 PM. There will be a time for breakout groups and conversation. If you have a chalice have it with you so we can light our chalices together. If you are interested in being a reader, helping craft future Vespers, or have questions about using Zoom, please contact Rev. Claudia.

Here’s your Wednesday Thing Vespers Zoom Link:
Meeting ID: 521 307 658

If this is your first Zoom meeting, the link will prompt you to download and run the Zoom software; then connect you to the meeting.  Click “Join Audio Conference by Computer.” This one minute video shows you what to do:  

If you want to call in instead of using a computer, dial (253) 215-8782 or (301) 715-8592.  Enter Meeting ID  521 307 658 when prompted.

If you want additional information, go to the Zoom help page at

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Staying Safe, Supporting Community

With the increasing spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, we at UUCA are exploring ways to keep our people safe while also continuing the care and connection that is so important to our community.

So much remains uncertain about the nature of the virus and how it spreads, but there are some basic practices that we can promote that public health authorities tell us can make a difference in reducing the spread of the disease.

 Since the virus appears to be airborne, it is most easily spread when people infected with the virus cough or sneeze openly and don’t wash their hands. So, we can each help assure that the virus isn’t spread that if we cover our coughs and wash our hands frequently.

At church, this means that at least for now we should generally avoid shaking, holding or touching each other’s hands. Or at a minimum washing our hands or using hand sanitizers after we do. We have hand sanitizers in prominent places and boxes of tissues in the Sanctuary and elsewhere in our buildings. Don’t hesitate to use them. (Note that hand sanitizer supplies are low, as in we can’t buy any. Please be aware that hand-washing for 20 seconds is a very effective means of cleaning.)

This can be hard in our community, where hand-shakes and hugs are part of how we show care for each other. But in such a time we actually do more to show our caring by avoiding the touch and instead offering a smile and a few warm words.

While the corona virus remains a threat, we are encouraging staff at UUCA to avoid hand-touching. Our ushers will greet you when you arrive, but we’re discouraging handshakes, and when our weekly services close we invite you to offer an “elbow bump,” a bow and a “Namaste” to your neighbor, or just a smile. At least for now we will discontinue our traditional hand-holding.

If you’re not feeling well – especially if it’s a respiratory illness – it would be better not to come to church, but don’t hesitate to call a pastoral visitor for support. And if you need one, we’d be happy to arrange a meal train. Pastoral Visitors are Karin Eckert, Iris Hardin, Myrtle Staples, Carol Taylor, Christine Van Wandelan, and Dale Wachowiak.

Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister