Yearly Archives: 2016

Sermon:What is Required-Part 1 (audio & text)

Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister
What is required of our religious movement to make it the change agent it hopes to be? Today, at the anniversary of the Universalist John Murray’s landing in the U.S. I will address how we might respond to this question in the context of our Universalist identity. Next spring I’ll focus on our Unitarian side. click here to continue.

Sermon: I See You (audio & text)

Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister
The Way of Covenant is ultimately a different way of seeing, of envisioning the people and the world around us. We begin our fall worship season by inviting each other into this wider view of our faith tradition. Click on the sermon title to continue.

Sermon: Walking the Path of Fear (audio and text)

Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister
Maybe it’s because of this trying election year, but it seems that fear pervades our lives these days. So, how do we take stock of this state of affairs without getting stuck in it? We’ll explore that as we enter this month of Covenant. Click on the sermon title to listen and/or read more.

Sermon: Drop by Drop (audio only)

Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister and Joy Berry, Director of Lifespan Religious Education
(Water Service – a multi-generational service we do annually at this time of year that celebrates all the gifts we get from water.
From such a humble beginning one clear droplet falling from a leaf in the forest or the hood of a raincoat touches and changes so much on this Earth, linking us with all life. Our annual multigenerational Water Service will celebrate all the water gives to our lives. Please bring water from your travels or from a special place for you to contribute to our common bowl. Click on the sermon title to continue.

Sermon: Moving Beyond Belief and Unbelief (audio only)

Rev. Dr. Mark Belletini
After almost 40 years serving Unitarian Universalist congregations, I have witnessed many changes among us. Former hymnbooks and styles of music no longer in use, while new sources of music and culture rise up. New symbols in worship…the chalice of flame, and in many of our congregations, more ceremonial. Far deeper and varied understandings about what ministers “look like,” or whom they love. What is going on? My first year of retirement from my life’s work has offered me new perspectives on this. Click on the sermon title to listen.

Sermon: You Might (Not) Be a UU If…(audio only)

Rev. Erika Hewitt, Guest Minister
As a group, Unitarian Universalists are so diverse that it’s risky to make generalizations about ourselves – but in this sermon, guest minister Rev. Erika Hewitt suggests ten core beliefs that hold us together, as well as reasons that some people might not feel comfortable in a UU congregation.
Rev. Erika Hewitt divides her ministry between the Midcoast UU Fellowship in Damariscotta, Maine and the UUA’s WorshipWeb, which she curates. She served as a ministerial intern of the Community Church in Chapel Hill from 2001-2002, and is delighted to be back in North Carolina. Click on the sermon title to listen.

Sermon: Brewing Justice in Nicaragua (audio only)

Phil Roudebush
Phil Roudebush and his wife, Joanne, were part of a Fair Trade delegation to Nicaragua sponsored by Equal Exchange, which works with congregations to sell Fair Trade products, such as coffee, tea, chocolate and olive oil. In discussing the UUSC Coffee Project, Fair Trade versus Free Trade, the Interfaith Program at Equal Exchange and their experiences living with a family on a small coffee farm in Nicaragua, they will explore how choices we make daily as consumers affect thousands of people globally. Click on the sermon title to listen.

Sermon: Retelling the Story: New Responses to Climate Change (audio only)

Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister
We are long past debating whether climate change is a reality: we’re living it these days in many ways. Unfortunately, even many of us who see the problem are caught in the torpor of what some are calling “story fatigue” that keeps us from responding in meaningful ways. What might be some creative ways of reframing this work and reenergizing the work needed to save our planet? Click on the sermon title to listen.


Sermon: Dismantling White Supremacy One Fool At a Time (text & audio)

Elizabeth Schell
Wouldn’t it be interesting if preaching were more like stand-up? Preachers and comedians are both supposed to tell us the truth. But somehow the truth is always easier to hear when it comes after a laugh. I mean where do you look for Truth these days? Out of the mouths of politicians, pundits or news anchors? Heck no. Give me John Oliver, Larry Wilmore, Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee. Notice all stand-up comedians. But preachers have it hard. People come to worship because they suddenly realize, “holy crap! One day I’m gonna die!” So yeah, there’s got to be a lot of hand-holding and poems and singing together. But there’s a whole lot of other stuff besides death that we need to be real about, and it’s not all stuff that we can address with a Mary Oliver poem or Hymn 123 (as much as we love them). Click on the sermon title to read more.