This month as I prepared to facilitate the Soul Matters UU writers group I chose to reflect on the prompt about unconditional love. I felt deep gratitude as I thought about the people in my life who have been there for me through not only the joys but also the times of struggle. You know, those beloveds who are there for us no matter what. The writing activity that captured my attention was writing a thank you note to one of those people who have loved me unconditionally. I wrote a letter to my parents (OK, so I didn’t follow directions), the abuelitos, who have always been there for me and made many sacrifices so that all their children would be able to thrive and live into their gifts. I wrote the letter during my morning journaling practice, and was so appreciative to be reminded to let the people I love and appreciate know how I feel now, not at some later date. I will be transcribing that letter and placing it in the mail soon. Who in your life has offered unconditional love? Have you thanked them lately?

Below are a few more questions to ponder during this month of reflecting on the path of love. And, consider attending worship February 19 when I will invite an exploration of the “theology of love.” What do we mean by the word love? Can there be a theology of love?

  1. What did love mean to you as a child?
  2. Who first helped you be and love your true self?
  3. How has love changed as you’ve gotten older? Is it softer? Quieter? Larger? Tougher? Smaller? Sneakier? More central? More painful?
  4. Whose love has companioned you the longest?
  5. Has love ever made you smarter?
  6. Some say the opposite of love is not hate but indifference. Others say its opposite is fear. What do you say?