“Were the sun to rise but once a year, we would all cry out…How glorious!  Our hymns would rise up, our thanks would ascend. O God…Give us new eyes… and vision to see the world anew.”   – A Jewish Prayer Book

This month our Soul Matters, Creativity Matters and UU Writer’s groups we will be exploring experiences of wonder. Being curious when we engage others, experience nature, delve into history and go about our daily lives deepens our awareness of the mystery, resilience and beauty that surrounds us.

A few questions to explore this month:
How has wonder changed as you’ve gotten older? What do you know now about wonder that you didn’t when you were younger? Has age impeded or assisted your experience of wonder?

What childhood book served as a doorway into wonder for you? How does its imprint on you remain? 

How has the location of wonder changed for you over time? Has it shifted from the stars to the woods? From the birth of planets to the birth of your child? From the physical feats your body allowed to the storied wrinkles of your hand? 

When was the last time you stood in wonder at yourself?               

This video captures moments of wonder. 

After viewing the video, what moments of wonder in your life come to mind?

Below are a two photographs I took during a walk in my neighborhood that elicited wonder….