6:30 PM Vespers Theme – Belonging
Vespers Leaders: Michele Gregory, Rev. Claudia

Program 7:00PM: Café, Cultura y Conversación
Join us for this bilingual opportunity to explore Latiné culture and issues while we practice and/or are exposed to the Spanish language. Our speaker will be Michele Gregory an Asheville native who has served as a bilingual caseworker for Buncombe County for 16 years.


Welcome Back! The Adult Faith Exploration Team has been busy planning for the new congregational year. We have two new offerings. A communal dinner and Peace Vigil every first Wednesday. Third Wednesdays you are invited to a bilingual conversation to explore Latiné culture and issues. Experimentation is alive and well and UU Asheville!

All Vespers services will be live-streamed. We’ll note on the calendar when programs are live-streamed or on Zoom.

Wow! So many details. It will be good gather again on Wednesday evenings. See you on the 7th! Please contact me with questions, feedback and/or program ideas.
Rev. Claudia, Minister of Faith Development, faithdev@uuasheville.org

2022-2023 Focus: Widening the Circle
1st Wed.      Dinner & Peace Vigil

2nd Wed.     Justice & Liberation Conversations

3rd Wed.     Café, Cultura y Conversación 
4th Wed.     Theology & Spiritual Practices

September Calendar – Belonging (Soul Matters Theme)
All Vespers in person/live streamed in September.
Program in person and via Zoom Sept. 14; Oct 12 (only these dates)

Dinner 6:00PM 
Peace Vigil Vespers, 7:00 PM, Rev. Cathy Harrington

Vespers 6:30 PM, Leader: Rev. Claudia
Program 7:00 PM: Justice Conversation: Jeff Owens with Moms Demand Action 

In 2005, John Owens was shot and nearly killed while entering the lobby of a Detroit television station by a man with a history of mental illness. Since that time, John has spoken about his experience and recovery at churches throughout Michigan and North Carolina, participated in gun safety forums, and wrote Op-Ed columns to support common sense gun legislation in the Detroit Free Press and the Asheville Citizen Times.  He is the Group Co-Lead of Mom’s Demand Action for Gun Sense in Western North Carolina. John is also a member of the Everytown Survivor Fellowship, a nationwide community of survivors working together to end gun violence.

Vespers 6:30 PM, Leader: Michele Gregory, Rev Claudia
Program 7:00PM: Café, Cultura y Conversación

Vespers 6:30 PM,Leader: UU Sangha 
Program 7:00 PM: Buddhist Practices