Vespers:  One of this month’s Soul Matters spiritual practices on the theme of Renewing Faith is, “Tell It.” Other peoples’ commitment to justice renews our own faith that a better world is possible. Their compassion and kindness renews our faith in humanity. Their bravery reignites our faith in ourselves. Whose faithfulness renews your own? And most importantly, have you told them?!  
Vespers Leader: Bob Wilson

Program: Join Rev. Claudia for an exploration on forgiveness. 

Is it an opportunity or an obligation? 

What are the obstacles to forgiveness? 

We will begin with these opening words: “Forgiveness is not forgetting- it is healing; it is freedom; it is being restored to wholeness; it is reopening our hearts to love.” – Rev. Wells Borg, Editor of “The Forgiveness Handbook”

March Calendar

Vespers Leader: Rev. Claudia
Program: Renewing Faith Theme Talk, Rev. Claudia

Vespers Leader: James Gamble
Program: Liberation Conversations: Final Listening Circle; 
Facilitator: Eleanor Lane, Scribe: Ed Prestemon


Vespers Leader: Rev. Cathy
Program: Spiritual Practices – Cooking, Kim Collins

Vespers Leader: Bob Wilson
Program: Theology Ablaze – Forgiveness and Reconciliation, Rev. Claudia

Vespers Leader: Ruth Christie, Rev. Claudia (Transgender Day of Visibility)
Program: Theology Ablaze – Rev. Claudia