Greetings Friends!

I was invited by Rev. Claudia to write a  blog about what the Environmental Action Team has been up to. And since I am chilling at home resting a wounded shoulder, I thought “Why not, it’ll keep me from getting bored and I can brag about this amazing group that I’m in”. 

So, a quick introduction, I am Venny Zachritz and, along with Kate Jerome, we co-lead both the Environmental Action Team and the Landscape Group. EAT has been active for several years but, as with all our programs, things slowed to a crawl during the Covid years. Now we are back and active and looking for new ideas and energy. This group is committed to helping the congregation live more sustainably upon the Earth. We strive to accomplish this goal through education, service and programming. We just hosted a program on the Inflation Reduction Act presented by Blue Horizons. You can find out about the IRA and potential tax credits/rebates here Inflation Reduction Act. And in September we will be hosting a Climate Justice Revival!  Watch the eNews for details of this event and others sponsored by EAT.

   We are also very proud of our past accomplishments over the years which include, the recognition of UU Asheville as a Green Sanctuary in 2008 (we are currently working towards recertification); spear-headed the solar panel fundraiser to place over 100 panels on the roof of Sandburg Hall; and developing a comprehensive  Environmental Sustainability Policy (part of being a Green Sanctuary) which was adopted by the congregation in 2008! Yep, WE have a policy. Recently the team reviewed the policy and, I am pleased to report, that with your help, UU Asheville is doing really well operating within the guidelines. But…. (you knew that was coming), there is one item that we felt needed to be shared with the congregation and ask for your support to make this happen more frequently. And that is, 

Policy Item #8 states: (we strive at) Being environmentally conscious when planning and serving food, refreshments, or snacks at meetings and events:

  • Supporting choices for foods that are sustainably grown, local, and organic
  • Limiting inclusion of processed and overpackaged foods
  • Using glass, china, and cutlery instead of throwaway paper or plastic, recognizing that the size or location of the event may preclude this option (if so, consideration may be given to compostable products).

Please, take a few minutes and read over our Environmental Sustainability Policy and share your thoughts with us. We meet on the last Thursday of the month to coordinate our work for environmental justice. Please join us! FMI:contact Venny

In Gratitude,

Venny, Kate, and the members of the EAT.