This is a documentary film about BBQ, ice cream and the Confederate flag.

The Confederate flag has flown in the corner of an Orangeburg, SC parking lot since 2000, when former ice cream shop owner Maurice Bessinger raised the flag in protest over it coming down from the SC State House dome. Bessinger, a self-avowed segregationist, deeded the plot of land where the flagpole stood to the local chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans to ensure the flag continued to fly in Orangeburg long after his death.

In the wake of the 2015 Charleston Massacre, new creamery owner Tommy Daras, who once considered the flag an acceptable sign of a rebel, has a change of heart and commits to doing anything possible to get it down. But “Keeper of the Flag” Buzz Braxton and the Sons of Confederate Vets refuse. With Confederate symbols coming down around the country, can Tommy get the flag down in Orangeburg?

Send a request for the ZOOM link to Charlie Wussow at by Wednesday, April 6th.  There will be a discussion after the screening of the film.

Official Trailer                     runtime: 54 minutes