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Rev. Claudia


At the Table
Exploring Awe Through Discussions

At the Table questions explore the December monthly theme of awe through a discussion for all ages. They are designed for a family gathering – maybe during a Friday night meal, a quiet moment in the living room or before a board game night.

Introducing the Activity

Family members who are readers can alternate who reads the questions. Those who are not readers are invited to share their own impromptu questions. Discussion partners might answer as thoughts come to them or take turns in a circle.

  • Who is somebody awesome that you look up to?
  • Is awe something you can guarantee that someone else will feel?
  • Do adults and kids experience awe differently?
  • What is a movie or show that you think is awesome, but your friends find rather “meh”?
  • Would you rather be at the top of a steep, snowy mountain, or at the bottom of a massive, towering tree?
  • What are you awesome at? What are other members of your family awesome at?
  • What’s the most awesome thing your family has done together?
  • What’s the most awesome thing you’ve done by yourself?
  • Does lying on the ground in the dark staring up at the stars sound awesome or awful to you? Are night skies stunning or scary to you?
  • People sometimes know they are experiencing awe when they get goosebumps. When was the last time you got goosebumps?
  • Sometimes things that are awesome can be scary and overwhelming, like seeing a shark up close or being really high up on a bridge or in a building. What is something that you find both wonderful and terrifying at the same time?

Ways to Return to the Discussion Throughout the Month

Thoughts develop with time. Find opportunities to bring up particularly compelling questions again during the month, maybe on walks, rides home, when tucking your child in to bed, etc. If thoughts grew or changed, notice that together, how we are all evolving beings, opening ourselves to new truths and understandings as we live our lives and connect with others.

SOURCE:  Soul Home produced by the Soul Matters Team