The Soul Matters December theme is “the gift of mystery.”
Our Soul Matters Groups will be exploring this theme through conversation, art and writing. 

Below is a blessing from the Soul Matters Team: Blessing of Mystery

In the ever-unfolding mystery that envelopes us as we move through our lives, may we open up, extend grace, act out of love and curiosity, and above all, appreciate –for the mystery is the gift.
May we appreciate the mysteries of within and without, knowing we will forever be discovering both the twists and turns, lights and shadows of our own minds, as well as the tumbles, dances, and dynamism of humans in relationship.
May we embrace the mystery of childhood, when so much is raw and new and full of life; of young adulthood, with its beauty, heartbreaks, and becoming;
of middle age, wrestling, reckoning and coming to peace; and finally, of elderhood, where all of our accumulated knowledge and experience seems to expand exponentially into the vast field of that which we do know and may never understand, and we are again raw and new.
May the mystery hold us. May the mystery inspire us. May the mystery move us toward the Love at the center of all creation.

Opportunities for Connection:  A new Soul Matters group launches in January; 2nd Monday 1:30-3:30 PM. Interested? Contact Rev. Claudia 

Faith Development Calendar
Dec 6 –
Dinner 6PM & Vespers 7PM
Dec 17  – Yule/ Winter Solstice Celebration in the Sanctuary. Sun., Dec. 17, 5:00 PM. Join Blue Ridge Spirit CUUPS for a festive ceremony of dancing, singing, and laughter to honor the return of the sun. It will also be a time of  reflection on the meaning of the shortest day and longest night of the year. Coming-of-agers and children of all ages are welcome! Please bring a dish to share for the potluck afterward. 

Registration is Open for Spring Classes!
Demonstrating Our Values Through Eating (DOVE) A  6-week Adult RE program exploring our daily food choices and their impact on our own lives and on life on Earth. Informative documentaries, fun cooking sessions, and more! Jan 11- Feb 15, Thursday sessions, 4-6PM Sandburg Hall. For more information & registration contact Rebecca Bringle
Facilitators: Rebecca and Robert Bringle

World Religions: Sacred Texts Beginning January 2024, UU Asheville member, Amy Wright Glenn, the founder and director of the Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death and a long-time Unitarian Universalist will facilitate a 5-month study of Sacred Texts. Participants will meet once a month (via Zoom) and draw from Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The aim is to carefully read and consider a foundational text for each of these five wisdom traditions with the intention of deepening an understanding of the central tenets, debates/discussions, and practices/rituals affirmed in each tradition. All are welcome! 
Dates: Jan 28, Feb 11, March 10,April 7, May 5
Registration information and details here.

Save the Date
May 5 Small Groups Facilitator Meet-Up, 12:30-1:30 PM, SH

Spiritual Deepening Groups
Life Abundant –
Join Rev. Audette any Thursday at 10 am via Zoom forLife, Abundant – a weekly exploration of spirituality, science, poetry, biology & more. Zoom access information on our UUAvl website calendar.
Covenant of UU Pagans – CUUPS.
Contact: Sherry Lundquist
Buddhist Sanhga – meets 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 7:30 pm in Sandburg Hall; Contact: Sequoyah Rich, or Stef Garvin
Soul Matters Groups – Conversation Groups, UU Writers Group and Creativity Matters group explore monthly themes Sept.- June.  Contact: Rev. Claudia