The Soul Matters April theme is “the gift of interdependence.” Our Soul Matters Groups will be exploring this theme through conversation, art and writing. Below are a few questions to consider from this month’s packet.

What aspect of nature did you connect with most meaningfully as a child? A dog? A horse? A tree? The ocean? Lightning bugs? The rain? A path in the woods?

Do you think age impacts the way we care for the interdependent web?
Do you think age impacts the way we connect with the interdependent web?

Has a beloved young person ever altered the way you think about your relationship with nature or the planet?
Do you feel that “sacrifice” has a central role to play in addressing the climate crisis?
When was the last time you became thoroughly absorbed in the curiosity of understanding another creature’s life?

How has the place where you live shaped the way you understand and approach life? And yourself?

Faith Development Calendar
April 7 –  Meditation Circle; Buddhist Sangha; 10:15 AM, RE 6
April 9 –  Buddhist Sangha; 7:30-9:00PM; Sanctuary
April 23 –  Buddhist Sangha; 7:30-9:00PM; Sanctuary
April 25
– An Opportunity for Connection: A Taste of Soul. Curious about the Soul Matters Groups here at UU Avl? Join Rev. Claudia to learn about these groups as you explore this month’s theme: the gifts of equity and justice. In person, April 25, noon-1PM. To register contact Rev. Claudia

April 28 – Small Group Ministries Facilitator Meet-Up, 10:15 AM, 23 Edwin, Parlor
April 28
Please join Blue Ridge Spirit CUUPS for a high-spirited celebration of Beltane, or May Day, on Sun, April 28, 5:00 pm, UU Asheville sanctuary. Please bring a dish to share for the potluck afterward.
May 1 Dinner, 6:00PM & Vespers, 7:00PM – Celebrating Our Work Together! Final Vespers of the Congregational Year) RSVP

Spiritual Deepening Groups

Life Abundant –
Join Rev. Audette any Thursday at 10 am via Zoom forLife, Abundant – a weekly exploration of spirituality, science, poetry, biology & more. Zoom access information on our UUAvl website calendar.
Covenant of UU Pagans – CUUPS.
Contact: Sherry Lundquist
Buddhist Sanhga – meets 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 7:30 pm in Sandburg Hall; 1st Sunday Mediation Circle, 10:15AM.
Contact: Duanne Bigelow
, or Stef Garvin
Soul Matters Groups – Conversation Groups, UU Writers Group and Creativity Matters group explore monthly themes Sept.- June.  Contact: Rev. Claudia