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Each Sunday, we gather to celebrate the values that unite us, broaden our understanding, deepen our spiritual lives, confront the challenges of living, explore the demands of justice, and build connections of fellowship, caring, trust and concern.
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Mountain Spirit Coffeehouse: John Gorka

Tickets are ON SALE NOW for John Gorka's performance on Sunday, December 7. Click on the image to learn more and to purchase your tickets!
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The Scoop: Lifespan Religious Education News

UUCA's 6th-8th grade youth are forming a Junior Youth Group; a brand new program is up and running for our K-5th graders; DLRE, Joy Berry was asked by the UUA to lead two live webinars...
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Adult Spiritual Development

Our adult programs are more than education – learn about all the benefits of participating in our classes, programs, and discussions!
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Sunday, November 23, 9:15 & 11:15am
“Founding Faith”
Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister 

A perennial debate in the culture wars is over the nature and role of religious faith in the founding of this country. Competing voices claim to describe the true American faith. History shows, though, that the picture is richer and more complex than those debates often suggest. Both our Choir and Speaking Chorus join us for special performances today.

Rev. Mark Ward

Rev. Mark Ward
Lead Minister

Rev. Ward offers spiritual leadership and a pastoral presence for the congregation and is chiefly responsible for its worship life. He also acts as chief of staff and oversees management of the congregation’s ministries. He was called as Lead Minister of UUCA in 2004.

To read Rev. Ward’s biography, click here.

Read Rev. Ward’s latest Minister’s Musings, posted on our monthly newsletter page under the title “Columns from the Board President & Senior Staff.”

Rev. Lisa Bovee-Kemper

Rev. Lisa Bovee-Kemper
Associate Minister

Rev. Bovee-Kemper oversees the congregation’s pastoral, social justice, and membership ministries, working with the Lead Minister to provide a pastoral presence for the congregation. She works with the Earth & Social Justice Ministry to advocate and witness on issues of importance to the congregation, including hunger in Buncombe County, full equality for LGBTQ persons, and fair treatment for migrants. She also leads worship monthly. Rev. Lisa was hired as Assistant Minister of UUCA in 2011.

To read Rev. Bovee-Kemper’s biography, click here.

As You Are Able (audio)

Rev. Lisa Bovee-Kemper, Associate Minister
We are in the midst of raising money for the Welcome Project, which will make our facilities more accessible in a number of ways, mostly with concrete physical changes. As we continue to widen our welcome, what does it mean to be inclusive when physical limitations are only one aspect of disability? Click on the title to listen.


What is the opposite of loneliness? Is it belonging? Our theme for November is Belonging. What does it mean to be a person of belonging? What does it mean to have a sense of belonging? Belonging has been named as one of the three great human needs, along with autonomy and competence. The strength of your sense of belonging is inextricably related to your identity and self-acceptance. This month, we’ll focus on cultivating a sense of belonging in human community and in the universe. Click on the title to continue reading...

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