Single Service November 25

November 25 ends Thanksgiving Weekend. We know many of us are "out of sync." How about if we only have ONE, 11:15 service that day? It will be worship and a multi-age RE class working on a food drive. Join us!
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UUCA Upcoming Events

Here's our list of Upcoming Events.
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Children & Youth Programs

UUCA has an energetic and passionate Lifespan Religious Education program for children and youth!
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Acoustic Journeys

friction farm will perform for you on Sunday, December 9 at 7pm (doors open at 6:30). Tickets at the door-$20.
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Sunday, November 25,  11:15 a.m.    SINGLE SERVICE
Staying Focused Amidst Chaos
Rev. Joe Hoffman, Guest Minister
How do we stay focused on love and justice in the midst of such chaos as we live in these days? How do we not become distracted and live in despair? How do we hold onto gratitude – and especially to notice the small gratitudes every day? How do we love those that seem to be our enemies? And yet, how do we remain committed to justice and not give up that passion?

Bio: Joe has served in 3 churches over the past 33 years in Charlotte, Atlanta, and from 1996-2015 as senior pastor at First Congregational UCC here in Asheville. He has focused on exploring the depths of meaning in our sacred stories and in developing public theologies that help us live more faithfully and courageously in the public arenas of our lives. He is now Imagining how to create mediating structures that help people who are moving from one faith tradition to another. Joe is a native of Asheville.







Rev. Mark Ward

Rev. Mark Ward
Lead Minister

Rev. Ward offers spiritual leadership and a pastoral presence for the congregation and is chiefly responsible for its worship life. He also acts as chief of staff and oversees management of the congregation’s ministries. He was called as Lead Minister of UUCA in 2004.

To read Rev. Ward’s biography, click here.

Rev. Claudia Jimenez
Minister of Faith Development

Rev. Jimenez oversees the congregation’s pastoral and faith development ministries, working with the Lead Minister to provide a pastoral presence for the congregation.  She leads the faith development activities of our congregation, including educational activities for all age groups and small group ministries.  She also leads worship monthly. Rev. Jimenez was hired as Minister of Faith Development of UUCA in 2018.

To read Rev. Jimenez’s biography, click here.

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Remembering the Earth (Audio and Text)

Sunday, November 18, 2018
Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister
I thought the Earth remembered me, she took me back so tenderly," writes Mary Oliver in her poem "sleeping in the Forest." Our connection to Earth is primal, visceral, yet so often it slips our conscious awareness.Click on title to continue.

UUCA Black Lives Matter

Covenant, theme, committees or other kinds of connection groups at UUCA, how can you bring themes and messages of the Black Lives Matter movement into your conversations?