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The Scoop: Joy Berry Hits the Big-Time

The June 25 post to the UUA's Call and Response blog is written by by our own Director of Lifespan Religious Education Joy Berry...
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Sunday, August 2, 10am 
“Ways That We Remember”
Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister

Experiencing the death of loved ones is universal, but how we live with those losses varies from culture to culture. This Sunday, at the request of UUCA member Michele Gregory, who offered the highest bid for the chance to name a sermon topic at last year’s auction, we will explore some of the ways we remember, focusing particularly on the “Obon” ceremony of Japan.

Rev. Mark Ward

Rev. Mark Ward
Lead Minister

Rev. Ward offers spiritual leadership and a pastoral presence for the congregation and is chiefly responsible for its worship life. He also acts as chief of staff and oversees management of the congregation’s ministries. He was called as Lead Minister of UUCA in 2004.

To read Rev. Ward’s biography, click here.

Rev. Lisa Bovee-Kemper

Rev. Lisa Bovee-Kemper
Associate Minister

Rev. Bovee-Kemper oversees the congregation’s pastoral, social justice, and membership ministries, working with the Lead Minister to provide a pastoral presence for the congregation. She works with the Earth & Social Justice Ministry to advocate and witness on issues of importance to the congregation, including hunger in Buncombe County, full equality for LGBTQ persons, and fair treatment for migrants. She also leads worship monthly. Rev. Lisa was hired as Assistant Minister of UUCA in 2011 and was called as our Associate Minister in 2014.

To read Rev. Bovee-Kemper’s biography, click here.

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Follow Your Desire Lines (audio)

Rev. Julianne Lepp, Guest Minister
This sermon explores how we can break away from well-worn patterns that no longer serve us. What does it mean to trust yourself to follow the road less traveled? In Patti Digh’s Life Is A Verb: 37 Days To Wake Up, Be Mindful, And Live Intentionally, she writes, “Natural human purpose. What is mine? Yours? Maybe if I look at the paths I’ve worn, over and over again, I’ll see that purpose show itself, the way cornfields create patterns I see only when I’m flying over them.” Click on the title to listen.


Be careful this month. The theme of delight is deceptive. One could easily see this is a way to end the year “on a light note.” But there’s deep work for us to do with this topic.

It’s hard to believe that our Unitarian Universalist fore-bearers had to fight for delight. Over the years–and continuing today–there have been many religious systems that begin with the idea that this world is broken, a place of misery and pain, toil and struggle. Our job is to survive it, indeed transcend it, through sacrifice, confession of our own brokenness, and an industrious Protestant work ethic. Delight was reserved for a time far off, a heaven granted to those who earned it. Click on the title (DELIGHT) to continue reading...

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