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Working to End Racism

Here’s how our congregation is living into its commitment to combat racism.
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Sunday, August 21, 2016
Moving Beyond Belief and Unbelief: A Vision for the Future of our Religious Way of Life
Rev. Dr. Mark Belletini
After almost 40 years serving Unitarian Universalist congregations, I have witnessed many changes among us. Former hymnbooks and styles of music no longer in use, while new sources of music and culture rise up. New symbols in worship…the chalice of flame, and in many of our congregations, more ceremonial. Far deeper and varied understandings about  what ministers “look like,” or whom they love.  What is going on? My first year of retirement from my life’s work has offered me new perspectives on this.
Rev. Dr. Mark Belletini has served our congregations in San Francisco and Hayward CA, and Columbus OH. He chaired the Hymnbook Commission for Singing the Living Tradition, served on our North American ministerial credentialing body for 8 years; has taught worship and preaching and New Testament studies in four of our seminaries. He has written two books for Skinner House Press, one on grief and one of the meditations that lead into silence during Sunday worship. He is an artist. The best grace he has ever experienced is that of being the father of his remarkable son Tony.

Rev. Mark Ward

Rev. Mark Ward
Lead Minister

Rev. Ward offers spiritual leadership and a pastoral presence for the congregation and is chiefly responsible for its worship life. He also acts as chief of staff and oversees management of the congregation’s ministries. He was called as Lead Minister of UUCA in 2004.

To read Rev. Ward’s biography, click here.

Rev. Lisa Bovee-Kemper

Rev. Lisa Bovee-Kemper
Associate Minister

Rev. Bovee-Kemper oversees the congregation’s pastoral, social justice, and membership ministries, working with the Lead Minister to provide a pastoral presence for the congregation. She works with the Earth & Social Justice Ministry to advocate and witness on issues of importance to the congregation, including hunger in Buncombe County, full equality for LGBTQ persons, and fair treatment for migrants. She also leads worship monthly. Rev. Lisa was hired as Assistant Minister of UUCA in 2011 and was called as our Associate Minister in 2014.

To read Rev. Bovee-Kemper’s biography, click here.

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Sermon: Out of Time (audio only)

Rev. Lisa Bovee Kemper
In these politically and socially volatile times, it is important to take time to rest and replenish our spirits. At the same time, we must stay engaged in the struggle for justice. How might we find the balance between these two opposites? Click on the sermon title to continue.

UUCA Black Lives Matter

Covenant, theme, committees or other kinds of connection groups at UUCA, how can you bring themes and messages of the Black Lives Matter movement into your conversations?

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