Congregational Policies

UU Asheville operates using policy governance.  Some policies are created by the Board, and they make up what comprises the Board’s Governance Document.  All the other policies of the congregation are created on the Executive side of the organization.  Some are originally created by committees, some by senior staff, and some by an ad hoc Policy Task Force.  All of the current policies of the Executive are linked below.

Authorized Drivers

Childcare at UU Asheville


Community Plate

Congregational Care

Justice Ministry

Environmental Sustainability

Facilities Rental

Financial Policy and Procedures



Gift Acceptance and Management


Healthy Congregation

Hiring for a Healthy Congregation

Inclement Weather


Memorial Garden

Naming of Congregational Entities

New Social Groups

Privacy/Personal Information

Scholarship Policy

Scholarship Application

Service Dogs


Weapons-Free Campus

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We are solar powered

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