We’re all about Stewardship here at UU Asheville.  We take care of our facilities, infrastructure and people by donating time, talent, and money.  Here are some ways to get involved, meet people AND take care of UU Asheville:

Ushers/Greeters provide a friendly welcome on Sunday mornings and serve during worship. This 1.5 hours-worth of time for a Sunday service is a great way to get to know more people in the congregation. Contact Janice May or Anna Martin.

Choir enhances and inspires our worship experience.  Rehearsals are Thursday evenings, 7pm. An All-Ages Choir sings occasionally and often rehearses at the Wednesday Thing.  For either choir, contact our Music Director, Dr. Les Downs.

Classroom Volunteers serve children and youth in the Religious Education program on Sunday mornings during a worship service.  Throughout the year we need helpers for Spirit Play activities and on Sundays where we expect low attendance and hold special programming for kids. 1 – 2 hours per month or irregularly.  Contact our RE Coordinators, Kim Collins or Jen Johnson.

The UU Asheville Auction is our biggest fundraiser of the year.  It really does take a village to run this one.  One opportunity is to join the planning committee and meet throughout the year to plan, book, advertise, solicit, create, etc.  The other opportunity is to volunteer on the day-of for set-up activities. Either way, contact Auction Chair, Tory Schmitz.

Building Managers do minor repair work around campus.  They save the congregation quite a bit of money each year by helping us avoid service calls.  Usually 1-4 hours per month. Contact Director of Administration.

Grounds/Landscape Volunteers show up as able at grounds clean-up days.  Usually on Saturdays, once per month, 1-6 hours—that’s up to you!  Contact Kate Jerome or Venny Zachritz.

Kitchen Elves pick up used towels and tablecloths from the kitchens of the main building and 23 Edwin Place and return them cleaned and folded.  There is no sign-up for this. Just pick up and drop off when the buildings are open.

Leaders and Chairs

UU Asheville also offers many opportunities for you to develop leadership skills. Not only does our Leadership Development Committee provide training opportunities for leaders, we also have plenty of chances to practice leadership.  Right now we’re looking for:

Co-chair, Environmental Action Committee.  This group meets monthly.  Co-chair duties involve setting the agenda for meetings and following up on action items.  Contact Wink Zachritz.

Contact any member of the Leadership Development Committee if you are interested in other leadership opportunities or training sessions at UUCA.  James Cassara, Susan Andrew, Connie Silver, Natale Polinko, Tory Schmitz.

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