Legacy Giving

“Come, touch the future. Imagine what an impact we could make if every member of the congregation made a bequest, regardless of size, to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Asheville.
–Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister

The support of UU Asheville through gifts today and/or after your death to meet long-term needs of the Congregation by giving to our non-operating funds is called Legacy Giving. Some gifts give again and again. Your planned gift can transform the future of our Congregation and ensure that it thrives well into the lives of future generations.

It takes only a little planning. It can be as simple as including a bequest to UU Asheville in your will or trust, or naming UU Asheville as a beneficiary on your retirement plan or insurance policy. Over 72 members of our current Congregation have done just that. Legacy Giving brochures are located in the literature rack at the entrance to Sandburg Hall.

The Impact of Your Gift

Some things that have been funded through legacy gifts at UU Asheville are:

  • Hiring of an experienced Director of Lifespan Religious Education and our first full-time second minister in 2011
  • Renovations to our Religious Education Space
  • Playground Renovation (equipment, planting, etc.)
  • Creation of a Contingency Fund
  • Technology Upgrades (laptops, tablets, projectors, TVs, DVD players)
  • Early retirement of a mortgage taken out to pay for a nearly million dollar project to improve handicap accessibility and entry flow to the Sanctuary and Sandburg Hall.

You Can Tell Us How to Use Your Gift

  • Add it to the Fund for the Future for such on-going needs and special initiatives as capital projects or creation of new ministries. This is called an unrestricted gift.
  • Add it to our Endowment where capital is held in perpetuity. Up to 4% of annual income generated by this fund may be spent in the annual budget.
  • Tell us exactly how you want your gift utilized. Gifts may only be used as specified by the donor. It is in the best interests of the congregation if the restriction is worded as broadly as possible.

Legacy Giving Options

There are many ways to make legacy gifts to UU Asheville.

  • Through Your Will
  • Retirement Plans
  • Life Insurance
  • Appreciated Securities
  • Life Income Gift: Charitable Gift Annuity (through the UUA)
  • Life Income Gift: Pooled Income Fund (through the UUA)
  • Life Income Gift: Charitable Remainder Trust (through the UUA)

Your financial and legal advisors can help with the best option for you.

Legacy Circle

When you make UU Asheville the beneficiary of a legacy and inform us, we will, with your permission, add you to our Legacy Circle. Membership of the Legacy Circle can be found here, displayed on a scroll in Sandburg Hall, and is treated to periodic social events. This is a select group of individuals who have made a commitment to leaving a legacy to UU Asheville and want to inspire others to do so as well. Legacies may also be made anonymously.

To download the UU Asheville Legacy Intention Form, click hereYour declaration of intent is revocable and non-binding.

Our Pledge to You

We will carefully manage your gift. Whether your gift is unrestricted (to be used for the general benefit of our congregation and its programs) or restricted (to be used for a specific purpose that you define), the Board is committed to carefully administering your bequest. We enlist the Unitarian Universalist Association Common Endowment Fund, which is professionally managed and socially responsible, to help us preserve gifts to our endowment.

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