Dreaming Today…Envisioning Tomorrow

Every so often, the time is right to pause and choose the best path forward. We are at such a time for UU Asheville.  The new year is well underway.  Our new Lead Minister is settling in with us.  As a shared ministry, we invite the congregation to dream with us today and help envision a path to tomorrow.  

Now is the time to explore and make some decisions about our priorities, our resources, and our plans for our “sacred places.” A Long-Range Planning Team [LRP Team] has been formed to lead us with this process. This process begins here in early 2024 with small group listening sessions to explore a few new guiding questions about our future. We have some challenges, and we have some opportunities.  

As we begin this work together, in small group gatherings and meetings we’ll be sharing important basic information about our campus and current resources, so we can all start from some common understandings about our congregation at this moment in time. With this information, and building on the many conversations and ideas for our future that have been outlined during the recent Lead Minister search and Start Up period, we’ll share that feedback with the congregation and ask some new questions of you, with a goal of articulating some choices and a timeline for making decisions about how to build an exciting and abundant future for UU Asheville.

Keep an eye out for how YOU can participate!

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