Worship With Us

Sunday morning worship is at the center of our church community.

It’s where we gather each week in person or online to celebrate the values that unite us, broaden our understanding, deepen our spiritual lives, confront the challenges of living, explore the demands of justice, and build connections of fellowship, caring, trust and concern. If you’d like to know more about our congregation, it’s the place to begin, and please know that whatever your history, whatever your heritage, whomever you love, you are welcome among us.

Not been to one of our services before? Here’s what to expect on Sundays.

We believe that we as a congregation are responsible to the larger community, so on the first Sunday of every month we contribute all cash and designated checks in our offering to organizations whose values we support. These are called Community Plate Sundays and are part of our  Justice Ministry.

Join us in person or virtually on Sundays: June- August at 10am & September-May 9:15am or 11:15 am.
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