What is a Member?

According to our bylaws (Article IV, Section 2), a Member is a person who:

a. is in sympathy with the purpose and mission of the Congregation,
b. has completed the UUCA Coming of Age program or reached the age of 16,
c. has completed a course of study approved by the Board of Trustees or has discussed the matter with the Minister or person designated by the Minister,
d. has signed the Membership Book, and
e. completes an annual commitment form and makes an annual recorded contribution.

According to our members, a Member is a person who:

a. shares the values of Unitarian Universalists
b. is supported in their journey by the members and ministries of the congregation
c. actively engages in their own spiritual development
d. supports the congregation as generously as they can with their time, talent AND money
e. seeks to live their values in the world