Welcome to the month of commitment!

Our Soul Matters packet this month invites us to consider that commitment includes three Latin word roots: 
com – together
mit – to send
ment – a result. 

Awareness of the roots of this word reminds us that commitment is not experienced in isolation but with others and with all parts of ourselves. That commitment has an energy that moves, that sends us along in a direction. And, making a commitment is a choice. What commitments have you chosen to make to yourself?
To beloveds?
To community?

A few questions to consider this month:

What commitment has shaped you the most? What commitment most deeply defines you?

What did your family teach you about “responsibilities we have to the world”?

What promises have you made to your spiritual life? 

If someone secretly monitored your life for a month, what would they conclude is your most sacred vow?

A final invitation to reflection on faith and commitment:

Faith is a commitment to live as if certain things are true, and thereby help to make them so. Faith is a commitment to live as if life is a wondrous mystery, as if life is good, as if love is divine, as if we are responsible for the well-being of those around us. -Rev. Galen Guengrich

What does faith mean to you?
What things are true for you?

These are a few examples of the invitations to reflect on the monthly theme that occur in our Covenant Groups which are part of the Faith Development programs at UUCA. If you would like more information about covenant groups and how to join please contact Rev. Claudia faithdev@uuasheville.org