We are moving from spring into summer, a time of stories of rebirth, relaxing and letting go.
We are moving from a time of isolation to a time to going forth vaccinated and unmasked (when possible) reconnecting with others: seeing smiles, giving hugs and feeling the energy in a space when we are present to each other. What a time!

As a congregation we are also moving into a new story about who we have been, who are in this moment and who we want to be in the future. There will be a celebration of Rev. Mark’s ministry in July and as well as a time of grief for the loss of his presence among us as he begins a new chapter in his life: retirement. A new story, for him and for us. Wow! What an amazing time of possibility for all of us. This month we find out who our interim will be, and we await their arrival in August. 

Stories: beginnings, middles and endings. I invite you this month to also consider your story. What stories in life empower you? What stories limit you? Consider this story by Christopher Buice The Beautiful Tiger. https://www.uua.org/worship/words/story/beautiful-tiger

What speaks to you about this story? 

A final invitation to reflection:

“We all have one particularly important story that we tell ourselves, about ourselves: our “life story,” which helps us to organize our experiences and give us a sense of self, even dictating our behavior in some cases. We’re constantly updating, amending and adding to this story as we encounter new experiences.”  – Carolyn Gregoire

How are you updating, amending and adding to your life story?