This month we are invited to explore our relationship with history: personal, family, local and national. Are we willing to engage with the fullness of history both good and bad? Are we willing to explore what truth-full stories need to be told? Below are a few questions from our Soul Matters packet this month for your reflection.

As you consider national history, here are two links that invite us to consider a more truth-full telling of American history. Reflecting on this history can mobilize us to act.
Black Wall Street:
Wilmington Massacre 1898:

As you consider personal history below is an inspiring poem by George Ella Lyon “Where I am from”
Poem read by author:
Contact Rev. Claudia if you would like a template to create your own. We have used this as an ice breaker in the Religious Education Council retreat as a creative way to get to know each other.

Reflection Questions
Do you believe that history is “written by the victors”? How have you experienced the “losers” version of history winning out? Or altering your own calling in the world?

When you tell the history of the pandemic ten years from now, what story do you think you will begin with?

What if the question isn’t, “Did it really happen that way?” But instead, “Why do you want to remember that it happened that way?”

Have you figured out the story you want to be remembered by?

These are just a few of the questions that our Soul Matters Groups will consider this month. If you are interested in learning more about Soul Matters Groups or joining one please contact me

In faith,
Rev. Claudia