Reflection Corner  
From our Soul Matters packet:

“…Beloved community is bigger than we usually imagine. 
It’s not just about building a better world; 
it’s also about building up each other’s faith. 

We are in a battle not just against the division between us, 
but also the doubt within us. 

What we really need to hear about beloved community is 
not just that we can create it, 
but that we can count on it.

This month, may we make sure we all 
bless each other with both of those messages.”

How are you contributing to creating Beloved Community?
Can you identify Beloved Community you can count on?

ZOOM February Adult Faith Development …A Few Highlights
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Feb. 3, 7:00 PM                   
Theme talk: Creating Beloved Community; Facilitator: Rev. Claudia

Feb. 6, 6:30 PM                  
Black History Trivia
Contact: Brett Johnson

Feb, 12 7:00  PM                
 Justice Ministry Film Night – John Lewis-Get in the Way
Contact: Charlie Wussow  

Feb. 17, 7:00 PM                 
Spiritual Practices: Aging, Session 1
Facilitators: Rev. Claudia, Jim Steffe
Resource: Aging as a Spiritual Practice by Lewis Richmond

Feb. 24, 7:00 PM                 
UU Theology – William Ellery Channing
Facilitator: Rev. Terry Davis
The Baltimore Sermon 
Background information about the sermon
Channing, Emerson, Parker: Three Prophets of Religious Liberalism,
Conrad Wright, ed. 

Theology, March 24 will be Creation Theology
What is creation theology?
Original Blessing by Matthew Fox (1983 or 2000 edition)