We launch our Faith Development programs this month! The 6:30 October 6 Vespers welcomes our spiritual learning community after a summer hiatus. The 7PM program will explore this month’s theme “Cultivating Relationships.” I invite you to consider how our understanding of relationship has changed during COVID. We have been yearning for physical connection with family and friends beyond our COVID pods, if we are living with others, or beyond ourselves, if we are living alone. Below are a few questions for reflection from this month’s packet.

And, check out this month’s calendar for other opportunities for spiritual deepening. Join us!

See you on-line or at a masked gathering on campus!
Rev. Claudia

October calendar: 


Reflection questions:

  1. What was the most nourishing new relationship you cultivated during the pandemic time? Was it with an unexpected person? A new habit? A new part of yourself? And what’s your plan to intentionally nourish that relationship moving forward?
  1. What’s the wisest thing you were ever taught about cultivating relationships?
  1. When was the first time you deeply connected to someone in a way that caused you to also deeply connect with yourself? 
  1. When did you first realize there was something called “a chosen family”?
  1. Which of your friend relationships have lasted the longest? Or gone the deepest? What’s been the secret? And, most importantly, is that a secret you need to pull out and use again in your current life?
  1. Is it time to stop cultivating a relationship and instead walk away from it?