Join us for Vespers this Wednesday, August 12, 6:30 PM  hosted by Universal Rainbow Unity or URU. URU seeks to promote love, acceptance, compassion, justice, and equality in all areas of sexual and gender identity while providing education, encouraging awareness and nurturing full inclusion in a spiritually diverse community.

The Vespers theme will be “Spirituality & Sexuality” followed by a 7PM program on Sexual Identity and Expression featuring the Gender Unicorn, and a very special guest. Video presentation by Erin Shadle and discussion co-facilitated by Rev. Claudia (correction to previous announcement that it would be Margaret McAllister) and Kim Collins. See you – virtually- there!

Future Programs

Aug 19
Vespers leader: Nancy Bragg 
Theme: Deepening Spirituality & Spiritual Practices
Program, 7PM: TBA 

Aug 26 *NEW
Vespers leader: John Bloomeer
Theme: The Joy of Rituals
Program, 7PM: TED Talk/Discussion- TBA