When we talk about imagination, most of the time we seem to be imagining on a large scale.  How do we imagine “church” will look after COVID?  How do we imagine a non-racist world?  But we can also imagine at the personal level.  What if we imagined ALL the possibilities for our lives in the next 5 or 10 or 20 years, not just the logical, rational ones?  Who could we be? 

7PM Program: What is Theology?
We describe ourselves as a non-creedal religious community or faith tradition. Join us as we begin a series that explores the theological anchors of UUism.
Facilitator: Rev Claudia 

January – Imagination (Soul Matters Theme)

6       Vespers Leader: Rev. Claudia
Program: Theme Talk- Imagination, Rev. Claudia

13     Vespers Leader: Joyce Hooley-Gingrich
Program: Discerning Race/ Discerning Power, Facilitator: Mary Alm

20     Vespers Leader: Mary Ann Somervill, Sherry Lundquist
Program: Spiritual Practices: Paganism, Mary Ann Somervill, Sherry Lundquist

27     Vespers Leader: Linda Topp, “Can You Imagine?”
Program: Introduction to UU Theology, Rev Claudia