Join us this Wednesday for Vespers at 6:30 PM. Our theme: Truth and Reconciliation
In keeping with this month’s theme of “Healing,” Joyce Hooley Gingrich invites us to  explore role of acknowledging hard truths in the kind of “healing” that brings about reconciliation. Our ‘Time for All Ages’ will include a shadow play, titled Mother, Mother, I Feel Sick! Send for the Doctor Quick, Quick Quick!  We will also be observing Transgender Day of Remembrance.”

The 7 PM Program will be  Exploring Heart and Creativity practices.


2nd & 4th Wed.; Building the World We Dream About;
Contact: Rev Claudia

3rd Wed.; Spiritual Practices: Exploration and Practice Challenge
Contact: Nancy Bragg

– Soul Matters Theme: Healing

      Vespers Leader: Rev Mark
Program: Theme Talk – Healing

11     Vespers Leader: Anna Martin
Program: Problems and Promises of Unearned Privilege, Anna M

18     Vespers Leader: Joyce Hooley-Gingrich
Program: Spiritual Practices III: Heart/Creativity Practices

25     Vespers Leader: Rev Claudia
No Program: Happy Thanksgiving!