Join Vespers leader Rev. Claudia to explore knitting and meaning-making. Service to include a video reflection shared by UUCA member Elizabeth Schell.

The 7PM Program will be led by Rev. Terry Davis.
 “UU Theology Series: Unitarianism — Boldly Claiming the Pejorative”
When the Boston-based Rev. William Ellery Channing laid out an unorthodox Christian theology in a sermon in 1819, he did something unimaginable: he proudly called it “Unitarianism,” a label that his fellow liberal ministers had shunned. What did Channing preach? How was he able to create respectability for a distinctly different brand of Christianity? Join Rev. Terry Davis as we explore the events that led to Channing’s breakthrough sermon, and what it offered liberal religion then and offers our faith today. 

March – Commitment

Vespers Leader: James Cassara
Program: Theme Talk – Rev. Claudia

Vespers Leader: Rev Mark
Program: Ignorance of White Identity, TBA

Vespers Leader: Kelly W
Program: Spiritual Practices – Aging II;   Jim Steffe, Rev. Claudia

Vespers Leader: Joyce-Hooley Gingrich
Program: Creation Theology, Joyce-Hooley Gingrich

Vespers Leader: Jeff Jones:
Program: Do Animals have Rights? Jeff Jones