– Several months ago, before the holidays, I put out a request to our congregation for artwork with the idea that this art would be transformed into thank you cards and sent to various care facilities and schools in the area. The images received were generous and wonderful to see. I wish to thank Susan Steffe, Tom Myers, Colleen Finegan, and Lucille Martin for their art work and Kelly Reidesel for her poem “It Must be a Ritual.” Check out a few of the images. And thanks UUCA, you rock!

Submitted by Venny Zachritz, Connections Coordinator

It Must Be A Ritual
(A Tribute to Covid-19 Nurses)
Kelly Riedesel, 16 Nov 2020

The worlds are two
The one profane, of subsistence, Where people live and die for reasons That divide them by their existence

The other of the sacred Touched by the sublime Living beyond reason Existing beyond time

A consecration ceremony happens by the eternal bedside of mankind Through an irrational sacrifice that must be a ritual
Creating Mediums among us
Else we would have victims holding our immortality Repeating what matters most so that we learn what matters

It must be a ritual
To die to everything
And be reborn everyday divine
Not expecting man to be able to touch both worlds Because of reason

It must be a ritual
To release the promises of reason From hearts everyday
Yet see division beyond time

It’s got to be a ritual Because I see no bedside Mediums Holding on to life.