So, friends, now it’s clear: we’re in this for the long haul. Whether it’s weeks or months, our lives are going to be different for some time as we cope with the influx of the COVID-19 coronavirus. We hope you are following the guidance of health professionals to stay safe – keep washing your hands, stay out of large gatherings of people. If we’re lucky the impact of the virus locally won’t be severe. But we can’t know for sure. So, we need to stay vigilant.

Of course, all that vigilance can also be destructive of community. While we hunker down, we also need to stay connected. The community of UUCA may not be meeting in person, but it remains as vital and alive as it ever has been. Know that your staff is working hard to find ways to create connections and make the ones we have already more robust.

As a reminder, you can also keep up with any contributions you want to make to UUCA by using the DONATE button on the website*, sending us a check, or texting-to-give (text UUAVL GIVE to 77977).

*For reasons that are not clear, our new website does not always refresh itself when you reload it. Until we get that fixed, to get the most up-to-date version of the website, go to the top left (on PCs) of the home page, find the little “circle-with-an-arrow” symbol and click on it.  That will refresh the page and you’ll be seeing the current version.