The “Circle of Welcome” is Going Strong
Supporting a Newly Arrived Afghan Family

The “Circle of Welcome Team” is growing at UU Asheville!  Since January, a dedicated group of people, led by Katie Winchell and Sharon LeDuc have been, spearheading UU Asheville’s Circle of Welcome Team for  “our” Afghan refugee family, father Faisal, mother Marina, 4-year-old daughter Sana, and 2-year old daughter Hosna.

The family arrived in Asheville on Monday, January 24. At first, the Circle of Welcome Team provided groceries, cookware, cooking utensils, quilts, toys, and a warm welcome. Now our Team is meeting other needs such as transportation to various medical and other appointments, shopping assistance, and English tutoring sessions.

We are happy to report that Faisal has full-time employment and the family will be moving to more permanent housing in early May! Soon there will be calls for moving help, household items such as tables, chairs, etc. In the coming months, assistance will be needed with transportation, child care, more orientation to Asheville, and with asylum applications.

If you want to join the Team (now 35+ !), have questions, or want to donate items, please email Katie.
We are also accepting monetary donations and gift cards (Aldi, Ingles, Target, Walmart, Halal Market, Visa/Mastercard pre-paid). In-person donations of money and gift cards can be made online through our Donate option, during UU Asheville office hours, currently Monday-Tuesday, 9:30am-2pm. They can also be mailed. If sending a check, please write “Immigration Justice” in the memo line of your check. If sending gift cards, please enclose a note specifying the “Immigration Justice” account.

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