Why? In order to understand the current anti-racism work at UUCA and review our practices and policies we need to hear from you. The survey will provide a baseline that together with input from listening sessions to be organized in the fall will enable the Racial Justice Advisory Council to provide the board a summary report of congregational perceptions. The report will also include recommendations for ways to continue striving toward the goal of being a congregation where all can flourish; where anti-racism is an on-going practice. You, the congregation, will have opportunities to review the report for feedback before it is shared with the board.  

A little history. In their November 20, 2020 email to the congregation, the UUCA Board of Trustees invited all of UUCA to join together in a congregation-wide effort to further the cause of racial justice. They asked us to put our values of justice, compassion, inspiration and connection into action by working to become a congregation that practices anti-racism. To that end, the Board previously passed a resolution at its October meeting creating the Racial Justice Advisory Council (RJAC).  I would provide support and internal accountability to the RJAC. At the November 10th Board meeting Noah Hall, Eleanor Lane, Melissa Murphy, Ed Prestemon and Missy Reed were invited to serve on the RJAC. As part of our initial efforts, we seek to better understand current anti-racism work at UUCA using the UUCA Assessment Tool to capture information. 

Friends, this is transformative and liberatory work that calls not only for individual learning and reflection, but organizational learning and reflection. I am sharing a link to a video with instructions on filling out the assessment tool (Thank you, Noah Hall!) Contact Rev. Claudia for the link when you are ready to complete the assessment tool.


We want to hear from as many of you as possible. Your investment of 20 – 30 minutes of your time to complete the tool will be greatly appreciated.  It may take a little longer. You may not have experience with all the categories in the tool, and it will take less time. Answer what you know. That will be enough and very helpful. The deadline is June 30. If you have any technical problems or questions, please contact me at faithdev@uuasheville.org

With gratitude, joy and anticipation for the work we will do together,

Rev. Claudia
Minister of Faith Development