The Scoop: Rev. Lisa’s Installation

September 13, 2014 was an historic day for UUCA. That’s the day the congregation installed its very first Associate Minister! It was a worship service, a celebration, a solemn ritual and a meaningful event for all who attended.

Rev. Lisa Bovee-Kemper was hired as our first full-time assistant minister in July 2011. As part of our contract when she was hired, we agreed that after two years both Lisa and the congregation would consider whether they wanted to move forward to calling her as a settled minister. Lisa said she would like to, and the Board of Trustees appointed a Second Minister Committee to consider whether the congregation should call her. Earlier this year, the committee recommended that Lisa be called. The Board recommended to the Congregation that she be called as Associate Minister, and the Congregation voted to call her at our annual meeting in June.

The purpose of the installation was to acknowledge this new relationship and establish a covenant between Lisa and the congregation. Here’s what the order of service looked like. Here is the Call to Worship written by UUCA member Elizabeth Schell. Installations are among the great ceremonial occasions of our tradition, and so include the singing of songs, the reading of readings, a sermon, and more. Here is a link to the audio of the Rev. Jake Morrill’s sermon (audio file below). The Charge to the Minister, given by the Rev. Lisa Schwartz, is intended to offer counsel and support to a colleague in a new ministry, and the Charge to the Congregation, given by the Rev. Sarah York, offers guidance and counsel to the congregation.

Lisa will be working closely with our Lead Minister, the Rev. Mark Ward, as both a colleague and a supervisor. She and he have drawn up a covenant for their working together, so in the service the two acknowledged that covenant and promised to abide by it.

It was a great day in the life of UUCA and the start of an even more committed relationship between the congregation and the Rev. Lisa Bovee-Kemper! Click here to see pictures from the big event!