white plush unicorn with mlti-colred spots sitting in garden

Sometimes Uuny arrives for sad events.

Grief is a fact of our lives these days with all the losses we’ve suffered with the COVID-19 pandemic, but it doesn’t have to consume our lives. It can be the key to growth if we understand it as Francis Weller suggests as “a threshold emotion” that can help open up our lives.
“The Five Gates of Grief” is sponsored by UUCA’s Pastoral Visitors and will be led by facilitators Jan Booth and Trish Rux. Booth and Rux are holistic nurses and end-of-life doulas in the Asheville area.  The class is intended to explore the weight of griefs that we carry and the way that those griefs impact how fully we love and live our lives.
    Contact Rev. Mark Ward to register.  Space is limited.